As I sort of suspected, this monthly goal thing is going to come to end sooner rather than later!

Seeing as how we’re into August I thought just for something quick to write about I’d recap how I did on my July 2018 goals. In a nutshell, not as good as I hoped and a lot of that had to do with the weather.

July 2018 goal wrap up

Just about every day I’d wake up to an extreme heat warning that came through on my phone an hour before waking (good thing I turned off the noise alerts on that feature!) and a couple more would roll in throughout the day.

We haven’t been as badly affected by the forest fire smoke like last year where we had about 2 weeks of haze, sometimes couldn’t see more than about one mile. This year the haze from the forest fires has blocked my view of the mountains and the air quality alerts are up, but overall better than last year when it comes to the smoke. The heat holds in all the smog in the Greater Vancouver Area, the Coastal Mountain Range doesn’t let it go, thus the air quality in the valley can be bad. For most of July their were no clouds so the sun beat down relentlessly. It wasn’t until the first couple of days in August that the mornings were overcast and the sun didn’t come out until late afternoon and that helped cool the area down. Still no rain in sight, and unfortunately the temperatures are on the rise again. Forecast to cool off again in about a week. I’m guessing starting tomorrow I’m going to get more of those extreme weather alerts. The heat and the air quality spark cautions about exercising.

Yeah I know any excuse to get out of exercising!

So here’s the wrap up of my July 2018 goals:

  1. Save $500 towards my 2019 TFSA – done!
  2. Put at least $100 into my vacation fund – done! Actually managed $207, woohoo me!
  3. Incur no debt – other than the vet finally putting the June visit on to my credit card, which just missed the July billing date, I’ll be paying for that this month.
  4. Ride my bike to work at least 3 times a week – no way, not in this heat and air quality.
  5. Take at least 2 scenic bike rides – ditto. My bike didn’t move off my sundeck all July.
  6. Ride each horse twice a week – Nope. Heat was one reason. Another reason was my older horse was lame off an on all month that was a bummer. Nothing serious (I hope). Just old age and arthritic.
  7. Cut my grocery bill – sucked at that too. But over half went to dog food or snacks and household items, not things I actually put in my mouth.
  8. Eat down my pantry – doing pretty good on that. Finished up the pancake mix which was my weekend breakfast, now replaced by smoothies. Trying to avoid buying anything new for my pantry, but I stocked up on more cans of tuna that I often eat for lunch. I did buy frozen salmon and have eaten 4 filets, 3 more to go, and frozen fruit for smoothies.
  9. Take my camera with me more often – I did bring my camera with me a couple of times….
  10. Do more yoga – yes to that. I’ve been back to my Youtube video for yoga for equestrians that I talk about more in The Horsewomen’s Guide to Slimming Down and I’ve also discovered a quick yoga video, 13 minutes, for working on getting rid of the muffin top that you can check out below if you’re interested.

I’m also letting it be known that after thinking about it all weekend I decided to cancel my acupuncture appointments. The Chinese herbs just too expensive, would have knocked my grocery budget into next year!

That pretty much makes it a wrap for the time being. I might come back in January with goals for the year, but the monthly goals has fallen off my blogging radar.



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  1. Oh tried 🙂 and you did great with the money part. It has been wicked hot here as well..lots of alerts too and l have been staying home for the most part, save for the gym early mornings. Now, I can’t wait for fall :-).

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