Are you looking around for where to buy horse and rider supplies in Canada? Welcome to my horsey world!

An online search will bring up many tack stores, who don’t necessarily have an online shop. Most tack stores are small businesses with a few employees, and like everything else in the horse industry, don’t make a lot of money. There’s no time or talent to have an online shop with all the store’s inventory, keep it updated, and build that side of the business. That being said, these tack stores are probably great places to visit and spend your money if they’re convenient to where you live.


Today I’m sharing where I buy horse and rider supplies in Canada. Due to currency exchange and shipping, sometimes it’s more economical to buy in Canada.

I am not affiliated with any of the Canadian tack stores mentioned in this article. If you click a link and make a purchase, I won’t receive a commission or any other form of compensation.

Most of these companies have mailing lists you can sign up for, and some offer a discount on your first purchase. I’m on most of these lists and get notifications of sales, which comes in pretty handy to save money on something I’m already planning to buy!

This is a round up of Canadian stores where I have made purchases and I’m sharing my shopping experiences.


Stampede Tack & Western Wear used to be called Stampede Feed and Tack when I was a kid. The front end of the shop was horse tack, supplies, and outfits for riders. The back of the building was the feed store. This is where my father and I bought sacks of grain for Duchess, the horse I owned as a teenager. The feed store closed around 1980 and now Sunrise Trailers operates from the back section of the building.

With 10,000 square feet of space, Stampede Tack used to advertise itself as the largest Western wear store in Canada. These days the wording has changed to “one of the largest”.

I believe the “largest” title now belongs to a tack store in Alberta.

Life with Horses and the Trouble with Farriers

Seeing as how I live in Cloverdale where Stampede Tack is located, it’s always been a convenient store to buy horse supplies, riding boots, and anything else horse related. However, Stampede Tack is expensive. I can find just about everything they sell somewhere else for less money.

People who own horses aren’t rich!

That being said, I picked up a pair of Ariat Fatbaby boots on sale three years ago for $90, so that was a good score! Stampede Tack also has a great selection of gifts and jewelry for horse lovers. Unfortunately their online store pales in comparison to what they actually have in stock when you walk through their door. Online sales are an afterthought and inventory is not current.

You definitely have to visit Stampede Tack in person to get the full benefit of their enormous selection.


I discovered the Frontier Western Shop at least 20 years ago and bought a few things online. I’m pretty sure that first purchase was a saddle pad and breast collar. Maybe a saddle bag. Wow! That might have been my first online horse related purchase ever. I must have found cheaper saddle pads at the Western Shop than what Stampede Tack was selling them for.

The Western Frontier Shop has a huge store in Claresholm, Alberta and I actually visited there in person, probably about a year after I’d made that online purchase. I’d been at the Calgary Stampede and we were heading south through Alberta before heading back to BC, so it was on the route. And, yes, I bought more horse gear.

They have a huge selection of saddles, Western wear, and stable supplies.

The Western Shop offers free shipping in Canada on regular stock, regular priced items.


I’ll touch briefly on Greenhawk – the Walmart of tack stores in Canada. I discovered Greenhawk over 20 years ago, an online tack store operating out of Ontario. Greenhawk offers free shipping on orders over $50.

I used to do a lot of online shopping at Greenhawk and bought some really cute outfits, and grooming and stable supplies over the years.

Greenhawk has expanded and opened a lot of franchise locations across Canada, creating less of a need for online shopping. The closest Greenhawk store is 15 minutes away in Langley. I was there on opening day about 15 years ago. And many times since.

Unfortunately I had a falling out with Greenhawk. Click the photo below to read more about that.

Greenhawk Guilty of False and Misleading Advertising - Again!

Greenhawk has good prices on brushes and other grooming supplies, equine supplements, fly spray, ointments, halters, lead ropes, buckets, and many other items for your barn or tack room.

They used to have a good selection of casual wear, like sweaters and pajamas, but that’s living in the past. These days Greenhawk leans more towards English tack and apparel, along with hefty price tags.

If you ride Western and are looking for a saddle, bridle, accessories, or Western wear, it’s not even worth dropping in to Greenhawk. Unfortunately Greenhawk has really gone downhill over the last ten years.


Apple Saddlery is a tack store in Ontario that I discovered online years ago. I don’t even remember what I bought back then! Even though I remained on their mailing list and checked their items online occasionally, I stayed pretty loyal to Greenhawk.

Ha! Screw Greenhawk!

I’ve been buying a lot of stuff from Apple Saddlery over the past couple of years! They’re happy to take my money.

The above is a great raincoat I bought in the spring of 2019. Pretty in pink! It’s fleece lined (warm!), big pockets, and waterproof. And it was on sale, I think $80, marked down from around $150. And Apple threw in a cute little canvas shopping bag! I was in the market for a raincoat that would be good for the barn and riding and had checked out what Stampede Tack had available. Nothing as cute as this! And nothing under $150 either.

Apple Saddlery carries tack, apparel, gifts, skin care, and dog items.

Most of us horse lovers also love dogs!

Oregon Coast road trip with my dogs

It is definitely worth checking out Apple Saddlery’s sale pages. You never know what little gems you might find. Apple Saddlery charges a flat rate of $9.95 shipping to all provinces.


I discovered Lammle’s years ago when they had a store set up at the Calgary Stampede. They sell Western wear and tack. Some of my former Greenhawk dollars have been redirected to Lammle’s!

Lammle’s is based out of Alberta with about 20 stores, including two in British Columbia that are upcountry, a few hour’s drive from me. Not at all convenient!

They are well known for their boot sale that usually happens in the fall, though I got notification once in the spring that it was on. Except lately I haven’t got notified at all so I wonder if it’s been on hold due to the pandemic.

Lammle’s has a clearance section on their website that I check out from time to time. Earlier in 2021 I scored a great deal on waterproof Ariat boots that were 50% off, around $85.

Pretty cute!

And speaking of cute … earlier in September I bought this Ariat shadow pasture shirt on sale!

On the same order I bought an Uncle Jimmy’s molasses hanging ball for my horse, though he seems to be sort of ignoring it. It was $3 cheaper than what Greenhawk sells them for! Yay me for spotting a deal!

Lammle’s offers free shipping in Canada on orders over $75.


There’s a lot of apparel, horse tack, and grooming supplies on Amazon Canada.

It doesn’t hurt to check out Amazon for prices and variety before making a purchase somewhere else.


Back On Track Canada sells therapeutic products for the horse, rider, and even the dog!

I bought a pair of their lightweight gloves from Lammle’s. I’m considering buying the riding gloves. If you sign up for the newsletter, you get 15% off one order. So I’m planning to go that route because that will make $69 gloves slightly less intimidating!

Back On Track Canada offers free shipping on orders over $100 or charges $10 shipping on orders less than $100. Looks like I’m going to have to buy something else besides those gloves! Or that 15% discount will just cover the shipping.


Vitamart is a health supply store operating out of Alberta. They have really good prices on supplements and vitamins for humans and animals!

In addition to their every day low prices, they often have sales. I buy Purica Recovery for my dog and Purica MSM for my horse and fortunately Purica comes up on sale every two or three months, so I can time it right and save money.

Vitamart recently had a sale on Purica for 30% off! I scored dog supplements, but I still have plenty of MSM for my horse.

Vitamart has free shipping on orders over $59.


Are you looking for cute horse-themed pajamas? Then check out Lazy One. Their warehouse/store is in Langley, BC and for a couple of months leading up to Christmas they have pop up stores at many shopping malls in BC and Alberta. Though, I can’t say if they’re still doing that due to Covid.

Do a search on their website for any of these words:

  • horse
  • pasture
  • unstable (or maybe even just “stable”)

Their products are very good quality and oh, so cute!

Lazy One offers free shipping in Canada on orders over $99. You can sign up to join their “Comfort Club” and get 10% off your first order.


Sticking with jammies, Little Blue House is in Quebec and sells cute pajamas featuring whimsical farm animals and country scenes.

Use their search button and look for “horse” or “pasture”. Selection might vary. Items come in and out of stock.

Little Blue House has a few retail locations across Canada, mostly in Quebec and Ontario, and offers free shipping in Canada on orders over $50 by Canada Post.

The photo below is my summertime “pasture bedtime” (get the pun?) nightie from Little Blue House.

Heading Inland to Bend, Oregon

And there you have it! My round up of where to buy horse and rider supplies in Canada.

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on September 18, 2021.


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