Look at what I’m reading: Dani Silver Thriller Series (Grifter’s Daughter) box set!

One of the old features on The Lifestyle Digs was “What I’m reading” but I got away from that.

The last one I wrote was What I’m Reading: Lucky Beach posted on December 26, 2017!

Nearly three and a half years later it’s time for a “what I’m reading” comeback!

Ha ha!

Of course, the big obstacle is time. It’s something we talk about on this blog when it comes to making money, paying down debt, and even when it’s OK not to get what you paid for.

I love reading and then moving on to the next book. I don’t say much about the book I just read. So many books – so little time!


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I’m reading a box set, books 1 to 4 of The Grifter’s Daughter. Also known as the Dani Silver Thriller Series. The series is written by Duane Lindsay.

The books can be purchased singularly to read on your Kindle at about $3 each. I’m all about getting the best bang for your buck, so getting a box set of four books and saving a couple of bucks is a good thing.

But you know what’s a bad thing? Not knowing if this box set is your kind of thing, and then you’ve just wasted nearly $10.

I like keeping an eye out for when an author has a freebie, usually the first book in the series. It’s how authors attract new readers. If you read the free book and like it, you’re more inclined to purchase other books written by the same author.

In this case, you can try before you buy. There’s a sneak peak feature on Amazon. You can read the first few chapters and decide whether this novel is your thing.


Book 1 in the Dani Silvers Thriller Series is The Grifter’s Daughter. The “grifter” being Leroy Logan, an elderly con man who has spent most of his life scamming people or being in jail.

Dani is determined to be a better con man, er woman, than her dad, and gets her chance to run a con when an old friend asks for help. His mother recently passed away. He’s outraged to learn that she left her house to a TV preacher instead of him. He tells Dani the preacher is a scammer.

Dani puts together a small crew to scam the scammer. Except just about everything goes wrong! Can dad come to the rescue?


The Ghost Coach is a scam that has been decades in the making. Leroy has planted stories in magazines and newspapers about a legendary car worth millions of dollars that sits forgotten in a garage in New York City.

Dani finds two different marks to scam, and then finds a shady mechanic who can build two fake circa 1930’s Bugatti sports cars.

Things start to fall apart when it appears Dani didn’t do her homework.

Hmmm, I’m seeing a bumbler theme here!

Does Dani end up in the hole for all the expenses or can she pull this scam out of a hat and come out millions in the black?


Dani wonders if blondes have more fun, buys a wig, and launches into The Blonde with the Dangerous Do. She spots a scammer at the airport and wonders what he’s up to. She accepts his invitation to come to his home in Branson, Missouri, where he and his brother are working on a construction project.

Is the potential boyfriend a con man or is he a legit businessman? Dani is leaning to the latter until he and his brother throw her down the drain system at their construction site right before a rainstorm.

Somehow Dani survives a trip through the underground pipes. The brothers think she’s dead. Or should be. But there are no news reports of a dead blonde washing up in the lake.

Throughout the first two books, there are several references made to a former boyfriend, Nick, who Dani helped get his company back and scam the people who took it from him. She also steals a million dollars and it’s goodbye Nick.

Until Book 3, when Nick makes an appearance and helps her recover from the injuries.

Dani gets her crew together to scam the men who tried to kill her.

Will anything go wrong this time?


Technically Tap Doubt should be the first book in the series. This is where we meet Nick and hear about how he lost his company.

Ironically, it’s Book 4 in this boxed set.

Now some of the back story is starting to make sense!

This is the only book in the set that is co-written with Raymond Dean White.

Russian terrorists are using Nick’s former company to instill fear in America.

Nick is trying to get his company back and almost gets killed for his trouble. He needs to up his game and decides to find a con man to help out.

Enter Leroy Logan and his daughter Dani Silver.

How will it end?

Hmm. I’m not sure. I’m still reading Book 4!


I’m really enjoying reading this box set and recommend it to everyone who loves thriller mysteries with a little fun thrown in.

This box set has some very good plot lines. I always wonder how writers come up with their material. There are some very well thought out cons going on here!

There’s an amazing ensemble of quirky characters who are part of Dani’s crew at running these cons.

The books are mostly a clean read. There are typos, extra words, missing words, odd punctuation, and missing quotation marks scattered throughout the series, which can be annoying to some readers.

I didn’t find the errors took away from my reading enjoyment, but everyone has different tolerance levels.

The series contains adult themes, adult language, some violence, and suggestive bedroom scenes, though no explicit sex. If a reader is offended by any of that, the Dani Silver Thriller Series won’t be a good fit.

I’ve also noticed the price changing a lot. Currently $8.99 on Amazon Kindle. A reasonable price for four full length novels. However, it was $4.99 a couple of weeks ago. So you might want to keep an eye on the price.

Even though I’m not finished reading the set, I’ve already bought the next book in the Grifter’s Daughter series, Forever … And then some. I think this series is going in reverse because this book begins when World War 2 ends, and introduces Leroy and his long time companion, Fast Kate. Kind of a Bonnie and Clyde team of grifters. For 99ยข I thought I’d grab it before the price increases to match the others in the series.

Maybe this latest book is going to fill in the blanks of the times when Leroy brags about selling a battleship – twice!

Have you read the Dani Silver series? What do you think of the grifter’s daughter? Let me know in the comments!

Update on the Grifter’s Daughter

Edited on September 18, 2022: Since I first published this post, author Duane Lindsay changed up the box set and now Forever and Then Some is the fourth box in this set, and Tap Doubt is no longer part of the set. Also the author has written more books in the series and I’ve purchased the next set of 3 novels and already read one. So I’m still loving the antics of these crazy con artists!

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