What Happens at a Séance?

In the summer I went on a Ghost Walk around Cloverdale that was organized by a local metaphysical business called Gypsy Moon. During the walk, I learned they hold a séance during October.

I’ve never been to a séance and I was intrigued. I walk my dogs around Cloverdale most days, but hadn’t seen a notice in the storefront window. One day in early October I went inside the store and asked if she was holding a séance this month.

The answer is yes, and it was full. But…a second date had been added a week later, and there were still two seats left. I grabbed one of the seats for the October 18 séance.

Cost was $25. If nothing else, I figured it would be good entertainment worth the price of admission.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I read a little online about other’s experiences, and I’d to share what happened at the séance I attended.

When I arrived for the séance, the paranormal group, Coldspotters, who’d been along on the Cloverdale Ghost Walk, were inside Gypsy Moon. They had all their ghost finding equipment with them.

Cloverdale Ghost Walk

The medium was the same lady who gave us readings after the Ghost Walk. The tour guide who’d led the ghost walk was also inside Gypsy Moon.

We sat in a circle around a table. It was a small, round table, so only the medium had her chair pulled up to it. The rest of us, about 10 people, sat in chairs further back from the table, in a rough circle.

We were waiting for a latecomer to arrive. She ended up being a no show and phoned to say she couldn’t make it. After this delay, the medium asked all of us to say our names. Not so much to introduce ourselves to each other but to alert the spirits to our presence. Then she was ready to start the circle of light and asked us to hold hands. She asked the archangels and gatekeeper to keep out evil spirits and protect us.

After that, we didn’t hold hands any longer!

The medium chose three people to join her at the table. There wasn’t room for more, it was a small, round table. I was asked to hold one of the ghost sensors. The meter is about the size of a landline cordless phone with a display that should light up depending on the strength of the spirit’s presence. The meter had 5 stages on the display where it lit up. Most of the time, the dial just stayed to the far left, in a neutral position.

I believe what I was holding was this K2 EMF meter for ghost hunting like this one available on Amazon. (Disclosure: I’m an Amazon associate and if you click and purchase, I’ll receive a small commission for the referral.)

I didn’t hold onto the ghost buster device very long…

The medium and the three others at a table each put two fingers on a glass disk, that was about three to four inches round. I’m open-minded, but the skeptic in me needs to rule out a magnet operating beneath the table moving the disk! There’s nothing magnetic here. It’s a transparent glass disk.

The medium spoke to the spirits and said when she asks a question, if the answer from the spirits is yes, then to move the disk in a circular motion. If the answer is no, the disk won’t move. She asked the spirits if they understood and the disk started to circle. She then asked the spirit who they were here to connect with and the disk moved and stopped in front of a woman named Ellen, or maybe that’s Helen.

To back up a little here, Helen/Ellen said before coming to the séance the name Cheryl was in her head. When she arrived at Gypsy Moon she asked the shopkeeper if anyone named Cheryl was participating that night and there I was! My name was next to hers on the sign up sheet, but I don’t know if I’d already signed up before her or if she’d signed up before me. If she was the last person to sign up for the séance, she might have already seen my name on the list. That doesn’t explain it though if she was one of the first eight people to sign up. Remember? I was number nine to get a spot.

Helen/Ellen was one of the first three people the medium called to the table, along with two others, and when the medium asked if there was a spirit present and who it was for, the disk moved to Helen/Ellen. The medium said she was getting that this person was young when they passed. She asked the spirit if she was female, and the disk circled = yes. She asked the spirit if she was related to Helen/Ellen but the spirit seemed confused and the disk slowly moved back and forth. The medium asked Helen/Ellen if any of this seemed familiar to her. Sadly, she’d had a stillborn daughter. The medium assured the spirit that she was indeed related to Helen/Ellen. The odd thing was the spirit meter I was holding bounced up a little higher a couple of times during this session, which I mentioned after the spirit message ended. One of the Coldspotter ladies said her meter also was indicating a paranormal presence.

When Helen/Ellen left the table she asked me to take her seat. Now this may have been my undoing. One by one the spirits came to the two other participants at the table, but never me. Meanwhile my right arm is getting tired from all the circles as the spirtis answered yes to questions, plus some sharp moves over to the other side of the table – I have short arms! Sometimes the spirit was vigorously making circles and I lost my fingertip grip on the disk a few times!

This was really wild!

Most of the participants had departed family members visit them. One woman had a friend, a male, who the medium said didn’t die naturally. I think he must have committed suicide or perhaps had an accidental drug overdose. The participant didn’t specify.

A couple of the women were moved to tears by their messages, or maybe more it was from the emotional experience of being in the spirit presence of a dearly departed.

My prolonged presence at the séance table meant I never held that K2 ghost meter again. Darn! Not to mention a sore shoulder from all the circles that disk was doing. I asked the medium if she could find spirits who could answer no more often! Ha ha!

I sat at the table right to the end, though the last couple of participants also remained at the table to keep four people there.

It’s about time!

I finally had someone come through from the spirit side. My mother. Which pretty much surprised me. The message is she’s always nearby, behind the scenes, maybe laughing, though I believe the medium used the word snickering as well. So anytime if I want to talk to my mother, I should just go ahead because she’s probably in the next room. My mother wants me to have comfort was the message. A little odd, because I was thinking comfort like in an emotional way. But then Helen/Ellen speaks up and says she’s thinking comfort like something was handmade, and her and the medium came up with a couple of suggestions. Knitting was one word and I said yes, mother had been a knitter. Did she make a quilt or a sweater, the medium asked. I said I have two sweaters my mother knitted for me. So apparently my mother wants me to wear those sweaters more often.

One of the Coldspotter ladies said that when I said sweater, her meter had bounced all the way to the end. Wow! Very strong spirit presence.

Helen/Ellen may have been feeling a spirit presence from my mother because she’s from Glasgow, Scotland. That’s also where my mother was from. Some kind of connection between them?

My mother’s birthday was October 7. She passed on October 12, 2005. Perhaps October is the month when her spirit is most active?

During a couple of spirit messages, the medium removed her fingers from the glass disk for a few minutes as proof to us that she wasn’t pushing it. Like I said, I was at the table the whole time except for the first spirit message. That glass disk was moving right up until each spirit left, and then it stopped. It was amazing.

Table moving

Apparently they don’t do this often but the medium thought there was a lot of energy in the room that night and we should try to see if we could levitate or move the table. Those who wanted to stood around it and put two fingers beneath the table’s ledge. Then we all concentrated and focused that the table should move. Eventually the table rattled and wobbled a bit and then scraped around the floor in a circle, and then the opposite way. It got off the ground a bit, and at one point one end tipped up. I was on the end that was down, and the medium is calling on us all to focus and straighten the table out. This moving table went on for well over a minute before it settled down and stopped.

Wow! It was crazy! A couple of minutes later the medium asked if we wanted to try that again and we did.

The shopkeeper said she’s seen the table levitate before, but never like how it did with us.

And no, this table wasn’t attached to anything above or below. Nobody had any hidden hooks that I could see holding the table up. There were too many of us, about nine or ten, moving and stepping on each other’s feet for there to be any cables attached to this table in any way. My two fingers were barely touching the table, as I’m sure it was the same for the others. We’d need more of a hand grip to physically move it. Something unexplained is making the table move that has nothing to do with human brute strength. The table changing directions and at times moving pretty quickly had us all giggling.

It was an amazing experience.

What was happening to the table is one of these things I can’t explain, and if I didn’t have fingers on it and watching it in action, I’d have been skeptical.

This was a very entertaining evening, and I definitely feel I got my money’s worth!

Paper moving

It might sound odd the power of thought can move the table. It’s called telekinesis and it’s the power of thought to make an object move.

If anyone saw the movie Carrie, the title character had that ability.

A few years before the Carrie movie came out, I remember reading a book that talked about harnessing this power. It was about focusing on an object to get it to move. Or to get a phone to ring.

The book said to start small, and not to try to move anything heavy to begin with. It said to start with a piece of paper, hold your hands a few inches away from the paper, and concentrate your energy on getting the paper to move. I put a piece of paper on a table and concentrated really hard and it took a few minutes but it started spinning. Wow!

And no, there were no open windows or sudden breeze that had come into the room.

However, the old power of suggestion thing and concentrating really hard to make a friend phone me? Well, that phone never rang.

I’m also not sure if this happens to other people, but I often know what song is going to play next on the radio. I’ll be thinking about a song and almost always the next song played on the radio is the one I’m thinking of. Long before the Internet where radio stations post the playlist.

The sweaters

When I was a kid my mother used to knit what she called Indian sweaters. These sweaters often had symbols associated with Indian tribes, like what you might see on a totem pole. Animals like bears and deer are popular on Indian sweaters.

However, now that I’m older, I think the correct term may be Cowichan sweater. The Cowichan are a Vancouver Island tribe, and there’s a region named Cowichan on the Island.

In my post If it Doesn’t Fit, get out of my Closet, I talk about the sweaters and how it’s OK to hold on to sentimental items. 40 years later I still wear them! I guess if my mother’s spirit wants me to have comfort wearing them, I can do that!

If it Doesn’t Fit, get out of my Closet!

If it Doesn’t Fit, get out of my Closet!

What Happens at a Séance?

What Happens at a Séance?

Summing it up

I don’t not believe in ghosts and messages from the other side. I’ve always been open-minded and there are a lot of things that can’t be explained.

Years ago I worked at a company in Langley. I sat in a cubicle with four work stations. It was later in the day and the three other ladies in my section had gone home, because they had earlier shifts. There were still a handful of other co-workers in nearby desks. My back was turned and somebody came in behind me and left again. Who was that? I had a vision of a red, sheer outfit from the corner of my eye. It took me about two seconds to jump out of my chair and into the hall by the cubicles. No one was around except one lady in the next cubicle, sitting at her desk, not wearing red. She couldn’t have got there faster than I did. Another ten feet took me to the main hallway that ran the length of the building.

No one was around.

Who was it? What was it?

Even before this happened, I’d always been convinced of other presences inside that building.

I don’t not believe.

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