A year ago I wrote a similar post called Wednesday Thoughts: 4 Things on my Mind Today. This year I’ve stepped up my game to Wednesday Thoughts: 6 Things on my Mind Today. Call it 6 or Six. I’ve got more things on my mind today than that Wednesday a year ago.

So let’s get to it. Here are my Wednesday thoughts: 6 things on my mind today.


My horse, Cajun, is always on my mind. He’s still living at the same place where I moved him a year ago. The property might be a little messy but they take good care of the animals and someone is almost always home.

As I get closer to retirement, which will have to be in a more affordable country, I have to figure out what to do with Cajun. Once I find a new country where I plan to stick around for a few years, I’m open to shipping him to where I am. Whether or not that happens, I have to find a retirement home for him that is affordable for me. That pretty much means he’ll be leaving the Vancouver area too.

Check out this quirky fly mask I found for my silly boy!


I have no idea how old my beautiful Shadow is. When I got her in 2010 she was full grown and the shelter had estimated her age to be around two years old. A few months later when my vet spayed her he estimated her age at five or six years old. That was based on the uterus he removed that he said was the largest he’d ever seen.

Yup. TMI.

A couple of years later when I got my black Lab, Chica, she was six years old. It was easier for me to give both dogs the same age. My darling little Chica passed away two years ago at age 14, but I stick with her age formula. These days I tell everyone who asks her age that Shadow is 16 years old, give or take two years.

She’s definitely slowing down and we go for short walks these days. I’m truly privileged to be able to bring Shadow to work with me every day. My co-workers love her and she’s the object of a lot of affection and attention.

Other than aging and slowing down, Shadow is in pretty good shape. I find myself getting anxious when the day comes that I’ll have to say goodbye to her forever.


I applied in person for my passport on May 31. It was approved and then sent in wherever passports go to get printed. With the caveat that they’re running several weeks behind.

As of August 24, I’m still waiting for it.

I’m getting anxious because I’ve booked the last two weeks in September off work and I’m hoping to go on a road trip to Oregon. The last time I was there was in 2019. Then the pandemic hit and the US/Canada border was closed for non-essential travel.

This is my year!

But where is my passport?????

Passport Canada has a webpage where one can inquire about the status of their passport, but it doesn’t give current results. They’re supposed to respond by email in 5 days with a status update. I’m at two weeks and counting now.


I’ve been thinking about Spain a whole lot this year. Clearly, my heart is calling me back to Spain.

Part of my retirement plan after Shadow crosses the rainbow bridge.

I’m going to walk the Camino de Santiago while I’m still mobile and in good enough shape to walk it. The Camino is a really long walk of about 500 miles or 800 kilometres across the top of Spain. I’m hoping it will bring clarity on where I’m meant to spend the rest of my life.


And that was a nice segue into the next thing I’m thinking about – retirement.

I’m still trying to figure out where in South America to land. Even though I’m not keen on living somewhere that the American dollar is king, Ecuador and Panama are looking like good choices for me.

My plans are to check out several countries, spending two or three months in locations that appeal to me, and then make a decision where the long term retirement will be. I’m looking for a lower cost of living where I can still live a decent lifestyle. Also good health care is a must as I’m aging.

Health care is scary in British Columbia, and different parts of Canada too. Waiting 10 hours or longer for an ambulance? Long waits for surgery – and we’re talking years here. Waiting months to see a specialist. It’s crazy for a modern country like Canada.

I’m in pretty good health right now, but I have to look ahead to the days when I might not be. Or I might need surgery or emergency health care treatment.

If you’re an older, single women and you’re worried about these things too, check out my article Can Low Income Single Women Retire Comfortably in Canada?


Yes, I feel bad that I’m not blogging as much as I used to. I have partly written posts that are languishing. I keep telling myself to complete and press the “publish” button, but the procrastinator inside is winning.

Enthusiasm and passion had dwindled this past year.

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things in 2023. Until then, I apologize for only posting sporadically this past year.

And I thank you for stopping by to read my Wednesday thoughts: 6 things on my mind today.

Hmmm… Maybe this will turn into an annual thing.

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on August 24, 2022.

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