Here are my Wednesday thoughts: 4 things on my mind today!


After living at the same farm since 2007 and turned out on 15 acres of pasture, I’ve moved Cajun to a new, smaller boarding facility. And he’s injured. Either kicked by another horse or maybe ran into something to escape the attacking horse. He has a gash on his upper right leg, not in a joint. It’s ugly and I’m just hoping it heals up OK. He’s now alone in a paddock, but he can see the other horses, unless they go behind the barn. He’s safer alone in the paddock.

We’re all learning to live with a new normal – including my horse!

At least he’s in a place with knowledgeable horse people who are almost always at home and moving around their farm. I just don’t want to worry about him. Once that wound heals up, hopefully I’ll be in that worry-free place!

For the time being, I’m still going out daily to tend to his wound and put fresh ointments on it.


On July 1, 2021, wearing face masks inside public places (grocery stores, malls, workplaces, etc) became recommended for unvaccinated residents, but no longer mandatory as it had been ordered under a health law since November, 2020.

Effective Wednesday, August 25, 2021, British Columbia is again under a mask order. Basically, the way we were prior to July 1 – we’re back there again!

Being a Cross Border Driver when the US Canada Border is Closed

Covid-19 cases have been wildly increasing in BC in the past month, mostly the Delta variant on the rise.

We’re all tired of wearing masks, and just when we thought we were moving along to the next stage, we’ve had to take a step backward.

For more information on Covid restrictions in BC:


British Columbia has been having a brutal wildfire season. Most of the province has been under drought conditions, and we’ve had three heat waves. The Greater Vancouver Area went about 7 weeks before seeing rain. Thanks global warming!

The village of Lytton burnt down in June. The wildfire was probably started by a nearby train sending off sparks.

Earlier this month, a lot of properties in Monte Lake were burned.

A lot of B.C. residents have been evacuated and many have lost their homes and belongings. The wildfires are horrifying enough to watch on TV. I can’t imagine how the poor people who are living this nightmare are dealing with it.

Fortunately, the weather has been cooling down slightly this past week, so hopefully this will help the firefighters get these wildfires under control.


Last weekend I rode Cajun down 204A Street, a quiet street in south Langley that leads to trails. All the houses in this neighborhood are on small acreages. A nice yellow house is currently being decked out in Christmas decorations. There are street signs saying that a film crew will be in the area until early September.

Hmmm… I wonder what movie is being filmed here. Undoubtedly another Hallmark romantic Christmas movie that will be on TV later this year.

The “set” is a big yellow house with columns in front that I’m sure I’ve seen used in other movies. The crew were also walking in and out of the house, assuming with more Christmas decorations.

Stay tuned! I plan to ride Cajun down that street a few more times. Maybe I can find out what the name of the movie is.

And so concludes Wednesday’s thoughts: 4 things on my mind today.

How’s your Wednesday going?

Published by Cheryl @ The LIfestyle Digs on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.


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