Hi friends – thanks for stopping by to read my review of the Trent Park Equestrian Centre Airbnb. A perfect place to stay in London for horse lovers!

I arrived in London a couple of days before my housesitting assignment. Beforehand the homeowners suggested a few hotels and Airbnbs in their area. They even wanted to pay for my lodging, and when I declined, still said they’d like to contribute half. Again, I declined. I can pay for my own accommodations. But when it comes to London, England, one of the world’s most expensive cities, I don’t want to be spending a lot – both in time and dollars – in a hotel.

I created an account with Airbnb years ago, but I haven’t booked anything yet. The thing I’ve noticed with rooms or apartments listed on Airbnb is that there are a whole lot of extra charges. Booking fees. Cleaning fees. For short term stays, it seems like hotels are a better deal. Longer term, over a week, Airbnb might be the way to go.

We’ll see…

Spacious house in London with a country side feel

One of the accommodations the homeowners noticed on Airbnb close to their house, was listed as “Spacious house in London with a country side feel“.

It was also referred to as a room in a house hosted by Claudia. Her profile photo is a horse head. Now here is someone that I can get along with!

The property description – being in the country surrounded by horses and friendly people – was very appealing. Well, at least to me. I’ve loved and owned horses all my life. It was a convenient location, a few minutes away from the place where I’d be housesitting.

As far as I was concerned, I could stop looking at other places to stay.

I booked three nights. That would be the day my plane landed at Heathrow, until the homeowners departed for their vacation. I figured I could catch up on my jet lag and relax in a horse setting before beginning my housesitting duties.

My total cost in Canadian dollars: $427.56.

Airbnb at Trent Park Equestrian Centre

It didn’t take much research for me to figure out the Airbnb I’d be staying at is located at the Trent Park Equestrian Centre.

Perfect place for a horse lover!

I’d checked out the website to see if they have horse rentals. They do, but in order to go on a trail ride, which in England is called “hack”, a rider must first purchase a riding lesson to be evaluated. And then based on how that goes, may or may not be allowed to book and pay for a ride through the trails.

Hmmm… don’t think so.

I’ve been trail riding for 50 years. I think I’ve got it. No evaluation necessary.

Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs Favorite Things 2018

As for English riding, I did some lessons and even a little showing when I was younger. I sold my English saddle about 20 years ago. About 10 years after I sold the horse I used it on!

Yup, I’m a procrastinator.

Checking in

The homeowner of my housesit picked me up at Heathrow and then I went to their house for a bit to meet everyone. I’d been awake for over 24 hours by the time I thought I should check in to the Airbnb, about 5pm.

So a little dilemma. Even though all of us knew the Airbnb was at the Trent Park Equestrian Centre, I had not been sent the address or instructions. A message sent to Claudia on July 20 was read, but not responded to.

My hosts were aware of the place because their kids had taken occasional riding lessons there. But we didn’t have an address, other than Bramley Road. However, I noticed on my Airbnb that I’d been given a phone number and we made contact with Claudia for where to check in.

It’s important to note that I never met Claudia. She’s also not listed on the Trent Park website, so perhaps she’s an outside person who keeps track of Airbnb bookings. I don’t know. Also not listed on their website is that they offer Airbnb accommodations.

We got instructions to park in the equestrian centre’s main lot and call another number of a person there (who’s name I immediately forgot) and she would get me settled. And yes, she was great.

We were directed back to Bramley Road to pull into the next driveway where the house is. It’s actually hard to notice that driveway from the street. Lots of lovely hedges along the street side of the property give this equestrian centre plenty of privacy.

She gave me a tour of the house and my keys – one to the front door that self locks and one to the bedroom I’d be staying in that sometimes accidentally locks. In other words, keep your keys on you at all times!

I was shown the kitchen. There is breakfast food for the Airbnb guests – croissants, bread, cereal, etc. Also there is a dedicated place in the fridge for Airbnb guests and there is milk in there. Not for me. I just drink plant based milk!

Skinny Blackberry Muffins

My bedroom

The guest bedrooms are located on the second floor, walk up a steep, narrow staircase.

Looking down from my bedroom door.

I had a very comfortable bed.

They only thing I can fault it with is the warm comforter. It’s July. A lightweight quilt would be better. I opened up the bedroom window to help cool me down.

And what a view outside my window!

The bedroom has a wardrobe, a flat screen TV, and a desk and chair.

I suppose I could have turned on that fan!

WiFi is included. It worked well for me.

Unfortunately, no private bathrooms, just a shared one. The only photo I have is a partial. A small bathroom, with a shower. Suitable enough. Very clean.

I don’t believe there were any other guests. There were two other rooms with the keys hanging out of the locks. No sign of anyone else, but I think someone on staff was using the bathroom or at least the shower. I smelled shampoo and soap. The ground floor of the house is occupied by workers at the Trent Park Equestrian Centre.

Trent Park Equestrian Centre

Isn’t this horse hedge the cutest?

I enjoyed sitting on the nearby bench, reading my book, and watching the horses.

The Trent Park Equestrian Centre is bustling with staff and riders. The facility is very well maintained.

There are trails at the back of the property that are open for the public to walk on, as well as ride horses along. You know. After you pay for a riding lesson so they can evaluate your ability and then let you rent a horse for a trail ride.

Nearby amenities

Hungry? There is a cafe on the property. Equus Dining. This seems to be mostly geared to their clientele, but is open to the public. It didn’t really meet my schedule. Weird sleep patterns. Jet lag. Plus I ate meals with the homeowners I’d be sitting for.

About a block or so down the street is a collection of shops. Cafes, pharmacy, a laundromat, and more.

There is a Greggs in here. I’d never heard of the place until I accompanied the owner of the housesit here to pick up snacks. They’re a franchise and I’ve seen them in several places across London. It’s like a combo sandwich shop, bakery, and coffee shop. They have vegetarian and vegan items. Food to go.

Just past the shops is the London Tube – the Oakwood Underground Station. This is the Piccadilly Line and will take you into downtown London.

Very easy to walk a block or two and be there in a few minutes.

Check out

On my last day I had to leave at 6:30 in the morning. The homeowners where I’m sitting had a flight to catch and a taxi picking them up at 7:15am, so they picked me up first.

Claudia was not very good at communicating, not responding to my last message regarding check in. I didn’t think she’d respond to my query about check out. At least not by the time I’d be vacating.

The Trent Park Equestrian Centre has an office for the equestrian business, but no one was working that early. Due to the lack of instructions, I left my keys in the lock of the bedroom.

And that was that!

Is the Trent Park Equestrian Centre Airbnb a good place to stay?

First, a couple of things about me if you didn’t already know. I love horses. I’ve owned horses for 50 years.

I love the tranquility of the countryside and being out in nature.

When it comes to sleeping, I’ve slept with earplugs for decades.

So for me, this place is a perfect retreat. Horse lover haven!

I’d just arrived from an overseas flight and 8 hour time difference. My sleeping pattern is wonky. The first night I got into bed shortly after 6pm, which meant I’d been awake for over 24 hours at that point. I can’t sleep on planes.

I woke up at 10pm. Read my book until I fell asleep again. Woke up around 3am. Read my book and was awake for hours. So I’d been awake for several hours by the time the Trent Park Equestrian Centre staff were waking up just after 6am.

And they do so with a bang.


Slamming doors.

Hollering in Italian.

Holy crap!

And then someone must have slept in and a coworker came looking for them and pounded on the door with two fists like the place was on fire.

Eventually I dozed off and woke up again around 8:30am. The hollering and overall noise was still going on.

I’ve worked in the horse industry. Depending on the facility, my shift began anywhere from 5:30am to 7:30am. Horses to feed. Stalls to clean.

So my question is – why is it still so noisy downstairs at this hour? Why aren’t the staff working with the horses? Does everybody have the day off? Tell that to a hungry horse standing in a dirty stall.

Day 2 morning

On my second night at the Airbnb at the Trent Park Equestrian Centre, it was more of the same for me. Sleeplessness. Wake up. Read my book. Try to fall asleep again…

And again the downstairs residents were very noisy. Slamming doors. Hollering. Banging around.

But I’d been awake for awhile before they woke up.

Darned jet lag!

I’m astounded at the noise level that went on throughout the morning, long after I’d expect people who work with horses to actually be, you know, working with the horses.

That second morning I didn’t wake up for good until well after noon.

I sure needed my rest. And luckily I sure needed those earplugs.

House rules

Below is a copy and paste of the house rules that can be found for this listing on the Airbnb site:

You’ll be staying in someone’s home, so please treat it with care and respect.

Check-in: 3:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.

Checkout before 1:00 p.m.

No pets

2 guests maximum

No parties or events

No smoking

Additional rules

– After 10.30pm we ask for noise to be kept to a minimum.


Look at those house rules. Notice the noise to be kept to a minimum. Also notice there is no smoking. These are guest rules. Apparently these rules don’t apply to the residents/staff who live on the ground floor of the house.

I have worked in the horse industry and have boarded my horses at several stables. Every one of them has NO SMOKING signs posted all over the place. Including the Trent Park Equestrian Centre.

For decades, it has been my observation that NO SMOKING signs are simply a loose suggestion and not enforced. In this regard the Trent Park Equestrian Centre is no different from every other horse facility and racetrack that I’ve been on.

Remember, I opened my window to help keep me cool due to the heavy comforter.

Unfortunately for me, some filthy smoker(s) decided to light up beneath my window and the smoke wafted in.

I found the smoke more irritating than the never-ending hollering and door slamming that begins around 6:30am.

Would I stay at the Trent Park Equestrian Centre Airbnb again?

Overall, I loved staying at an Airbnb on a horse facility. This was such a perfect fit for me. It’s a good location, in the countryside, and only a few minute’s walk to cafes and the Underground.

The croissants were a nice touch. Very buttery. The morning I left, I noticed an unopened box of chocolate croissants in the kitchen for Airbnb guests. I left them alone. The staff can eat them. Though I believe they may have eaten another box the night before, because I saw a crumpled up box of the same brand of chocolate croissants sitting on the ground outside the front door on my way out.

Hmmm… well, the house rules don’t say anything about being a litterbug.

Trent Park Equestrian Centre Airbnb: London's Perfect Retreat for Horse Lovers

Have you stayed at the Trent Park Equestrian Centre Airbnb? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on August 5, 2023.

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