Here’s today’s wildlife sighting while I was horseback riding: a mama raccoon and her three kits.

I decided to get Cajun out for a short ride today to give him a break after being inside a paddock all week while I’m working. It was overcast with light rain and a little breezy. Seeing as how the forecast was calling for rain in the afternoon and strong winds, I decided to go horseback riding before the weather worsened.

Don’t even get me started on the snow in next week’s forecast!

Getting Too Old for Snow

I’m getting too old for snow!


Seeing as how it was getting chilly I decided to bypass the trails today and head back to the stable. At the trailhead, something caught Cajun’s attention and he lifted his head up in the air and stared at the trees.

I saw two young raccoons climb up a tree. Almost immediately, I saw two more raccoons climb up a nearby tree.

BC Wildlife

I’ve seen wildlife over the years while horseback riding through the trails. Deer, owls, coyotes, and a beaver come to mind.

One time I was riding on the Matsqui Dykes out in Abbotsford, and I heard a lion roar. Certainly not indigenous to British Columbia!

That was a first!

Turns out to be someone who supplies wild animals to movie sets. The lion cage was set in a cow pasture, and it appeared the lion was attempting to capture dinner, except he was foiled by a secure enclosure between him and the prey.

Stand still, horse!

Back to the raccoons.

I pulled out my phone to take a picture. Unfortunately my horse decides not to cooperate. All he has to do is stand still.

Horseback Riding through the Trails


When he realizes I’m holding him back from walking forward, he decides to walk backwards, in approximately the same spot as the picture above. We are not on the bridge, but at the edge of it, where a landscape block is positioned to prevent falling into the ditch.

Cajun walks backwards off it, and his back leg lands about a foot below and he’s not happy about things. Now I’ve got to get him out of this jam.

Stand still boy!

Not today lady!

Now that he has a raccoon audience, he puts on a show and turns in circles and heads for the other side of the street.

It’s not easy to hold back a horse who doesn’t want to whoa, grip a cell phone so it doesn’t drop, and snap raccoon pics. Said wildlife kept climbing the tree while I tried to convince my horse to stand still. How tough is it not to move your hooves?

I didn’t manage to take many photos of today’s wildlife sighting while horseback riding. Can you see these little critters watching us at a safe distance?

Aw. Warms my heart on a chilly day!

If you’re looking for an unusual Christmas gift, or want to do a good deed, consider donating to Critter Care and sponsoring a raccoon or another animal.

Happy Saturday!

Posted by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on November 26, 2022.

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