Free Kindle Novel on Sept. 24, 2019 - The Woman by David Bishop

I just noticed one of my favorite novels is free on Kindle right now – September 24, 2019. I’m not sure how long it will be free. Or how long it’s been on free up until today. Could end any time!

I picked it up free myself about a year ago, but it took a few months before I got around to reading it. So I want to share with my readers who like mysteries – free is good.

I subscribe to the author’s newsletters. David Bishop doesn’t send frequent newsletters, but he always lets us know when something is free or reduced price. So maybe this is Day 1. Who knows? Surprise, surprise!

I liked this novel so much I bought another one in the series when it was marked down to $2.99. Normally these books sell for $4.99 on Amazon. Unfortunately, that one didn’t do it for me, with the series star, Linda Darby, only making a couple of token appearances.

Oh well. Not to worry. Linda Darby is all over The Woman.

Linda lives in a small town on the Oregon Coast, and works out of her condo as a day trader. Her best friend doesn’t show up for their lunch date and is later found murdered. She’d left Linda “in case of death” instructions because she was worried Linda might become a target for her killers.Linda doesn’t take the warning too seriously, until she wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes the killer is inside her condo.

Will she escape? Or will he kill her?

Seeing as how The Woman is the first in a series, I think we can all safely figure out that answer!

Free Kindle Novel on Sept. 24, 2019 - The Woman by David Bishop

If you like books that take place in the Pacific Northwest and if you like thrillers and mysteries, you’ll love The Woman. And when it’s free – you can’t beat the price!

This thriller is full of chase scenes. If you don’t like chasey movies and books, then this novel definitely won’t be your thing. There are lots of twists and turns and unexpected surprises. I literally couldn’t put the book down when I was reading it late at night and Linda was being chased down the beach.

And as I do everytime I recommend free Kindle novels on Amazon, make sure you double check the price before you click “buy now”. The Woman can revert back to its regular price at any time without notice.

Happy reading!

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