Are you curious to see what food a single woman who’s watching her pennies is buying? If so – you’re in the right place today! It’s the Vegetarian Cowgirl’s October 2021 grocery bill!

Why am I a Vegetarian Cowgirl instead of a Pescatarian Cowgirl, which is more accurate? Not everyone is familiar with the term pescatarian. Basically, it’s a vegetarian who eats seafood, but no meat products. If it has claws or hooves and walks on the land, a pescatarian doesn’t eat it!

To break it down further, although I will eat seafood, I don’t eat it often. Too expensive is the main reason. Generally I follow a plant based diet, but it doesn’t bother me if foods contain eggs or dairy products.

I’m also an Urban Cowgirl. Kind of a play on words of an old John Travolta flick, Urban Cowboy. Generally these are people who like to dress up for the part, but not active participants.

Wannabe Cowgirl? Sometimes I think I’m a fake because I’m not a working cowgirl on a big cattle ranch somewhere.

When I track my spending on a spreadsheet, the grocery category includes all expenses I made at grocery stores and drug stores. That doesn’t mean everything is edible. I buy cleaning products, food wrap, dog treats and more that all get allotted to my “grocery” spending.

Those are the items you won’t see here. If it’s not something I’d put in my mouth and chew, it’s not included on the Vegetarian Cowgirl’s grocery bill.


The first shopping trip of the month was to the Real Canadian Superstore in Pitt Meadows, BC. After a quick walk along the Fraser River dyke, that is!

One of the main reasons I shop at the Real Canadian Superstore is to pick up items that weren’t available at Walmart because they suck at keeping the shelves stocked at the Grandview Corners, Surrey location. Also the Superstore has some items that aren’t regularly stocked at Walmart so I have to make a trip here to buy.

The Pitt Meadows Superstore just happens to be my favorite in the chain, though the newer location in Grandview Corners has better parking – underground!

So let’s get to it. What did I buy?

Plantain Chips2 bags @ $1.28$2.56
Black Beans1 bag$3.18
Condensed Milk1$2.78
Baking Powder1$3.78
Tassimo Chai Latte3 boxes @ $4.97$14.91
Peanut Butter1$4.47
Rice Paper1$3.28
Fry’s Cocoa Powder1$4.48
Hawaiian Biscuits1.98¢
Ginger Biscuits1.98¢
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls1$1.00
Frozen Brussels Sprouts1$1.97
Veggie Straws1$2.48
Dandie’s Marshallows1$5.98
Broccoli Coleslaw1$2.98
Pink Lady Apples1 bag$6.98
Bananas1.450 kg @ $1.46/kg$2.12
Frozen Mexican Corn Fritters1 box$7.98
Tax5% GST on chips & marshmallows.43¢

It wasn’t on my list but I noticed reduced fat Pillsbury Crescent Rolls on sale for $1.00, marked down from $2.28. Expire December 11, 2021. I don’t normally buy products like this unless I see them on sale. I’m planning to make these apple pie crescent bites that look pretty simple to slap together.

I was also pretty happy to spot Tassimo Chai Latte on sale! It’s never marked down this low. The regular price is around $10, maybe a dollar more at London Drugs. I keep the chai latte on hand in case I’m not feeling well, but maybe I’ll splurge and enjoy a cup a little more often. There was a limit of 6 boxes for the $4.97 price – and I was tempted to grab more! But, I just don’t drink it all that much. The sale’s on for a couple more days. Stay tuned to see if I go back for more!

The frozen brussels sprouts were also on sale at $1.97, marked down from $3.98. I was actually looking for a bag of frozen peppers but there weren’t any. It was actually pretty slim pickings on all the frozen veggies in this size in the President’s Choice – the Real Canadian Superstore’s brand name products. I was surprised the brussels sprouts were there, what with this weekend coming up being Thanksgiving in Canada.

It’s hard to find Dandie’s marshmallows – they’re vegan. I don’t know whether the Real Canadian Superstore just started carrying them or if I just suddenly noticed them, but either way, they were on sale for a buck off. Yes, they are very expensive.

I spotted the Mexican style street corn fritters in the frozen section, and yes, that was an impulse buy, but they look so good! It might be Thanksgiving dinner…


Today I headed to Walmart in Grandview Corners, Surrey, BC mostly because I needed some non-grocery items. But seeing as how I’m here – I shopped off the gorcery list I keep on my iPhone.

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk1$3.50
Cashew Milk1 $3.50
Frozen Peppers1 bag$1.78
Krema Greek Vanilla Yogurt1$3.48
Mushroom Gravy2 @ .67¢$1.34
Ryvita Crackers1$2.97
Pumpkin Seeds1 bag (300 gr)$6.00
Slivered Almonds1 bag$4.97
Pink Lemonade Drink Mix1$2.57
Plantain Chips1$1.27
Tax5% GST on chips and drink mix.19

I can’t believe pumpkin seeds are $6!!! The last time I bought them in February they were $5. Wow! I think they were $4 last year. I was at London Drugs a couple of days later and saw them in a larger package, 350gr, for $5.99, so I guess that’s were I’m buying pumpkin seeds from now on.

On the flip side, I was happy to see my favorite yogurt still at a reduced price – $3.48.


I don’t eat a lot of bread and I can’t afford artisan bakeries, but today I went to Cobs Break in Clayton, Surrey BC, to get a sunflower and flax sourdough bread so I could make a grilled cheese and cranberry sandwich. Except – they didn’t have any and it was early in the morning. They just didn’t make any. Damn! I was looking forward to that. I settled for country grain. And I couldn’t help getting a seasonal pumpkin scone when I spotted them!

Country Grain Bread$5.10
Pumpkin Scone$2.65
Tax5% GST on the scone.13¢

In the afternoon I headed over to the scaled back Fort Langley Cranberry Festival. It was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid, but a smaller version was back.

All I wanted was the 5 pound bag of fresh cranberries for $5. Some for that grilled cheese sandwich, and they freeze really well. I make muffins and smoothies with them.

Cranberries weren’t all that I really wanted. I was hoping Checkers Fudge would be there – and luck was with me! 3 flavors for $10. I chose dark chocolate salted caramel fudge, pumpkin fudge, and orange cream fudge. After sampling a bit, they’re all resting comfortably in my freezer so I won’t pig out! Checkers used to have a store, but they closed it. They do online sales (I’m not an affiliate) and sell to some of the local grocery stores.

Sadly, Checkers didn’t have any caramel apples out or they’d have made more money off me!



I headed over to Pitt Meadows for a walk along the dyke, a stop at the Otter Coop to buy horse feed, and to the Langley Farm Market hoping to find the seasonal pumpkin spice pretzels they bring in. No luck, no pretzels. 🤣

Come on! It’s been two years since I’ve last bought those pumpkin spice pretzels there. Maybe they’ll bring them in closer to Christmas…

However, I did notice cranberry cheddar cheese and I thought that might be amazing with my grilled cheese and cranberry sandwich. I also noticed a jalapeno soya cheese (non dairy) and bought that too. Oh why not. Artisan cheese to go with the artisan bread I bought the day before.

Bananas1.375 kg @ $1.52/kg$2.09
Jalapeno Soya Cheese$3.99
Cranberry Cheddar Cheese$4.79


Today I stopped in at London Drugs in Cloverdale to pick up some drug store items.

And then I fell victim to my lack of willpower. 😥

These special, seasonal, limited-time products keep getting me. I need to be watching my weight, and that means not watching it go up.

Today’s culprits?

Limited item Werther’s toffees. Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple flavors. Supposedly at a dollar off. Yup, those suckers got me.

The others weren’t seasonal, just a good price and displayed on an end cap, so they got me! That would be Aero chocolate bar in Black Forest Cake flavor. The other chocolate bar is a Cadbury Oreo cookies and cream. They’re $2 each and they’re both in my cupboard. I’ve been able to resist temptation, but I’m not sure for how much longer!

Werther’s2 bags @ $3.99$7.98
Chocolate Bars2 @ $2$4.00
Tax5% GST on snacks.60¢


I had a couple of non-grocery items to pick up like dog snacks, but I was running low on milk and a few other things, so I stopped by Walmart in Grandview Corners, Surrey this rainy afternoon.

I didn’t have tea on my list but when I saw the Lipton Lemon Ginseng Green Tea I always buy at $4.47, I grabbed two boxes. There are 64 tea bags and I use four when I make iced tea every day or two, so I go through them. I suspect they must be on sale at one of their competitors because I’ve never seen this tea go lower than $5.99 here. Though I grabbed them on sale at $4.48 at the Real Canadian Superstore a few weeks ago.

I’ve never seen frozen kiwi slices before, so I grabbed a bag to try. Usually fresh kiwi is too expensive for me to buy. And then it ends up rolling to the bag of the fridge and shriveling up before I can eat it.

Silk Cashew Milk2 @ $3.50$7.00
Frozen Kiwis1 bag$3.97
Peppermint Mocha Creamer1$3.97
Pickles2 jars @ $2.00$4.00
Lemon Juice1$1.97
Clam Chowder SoupMulti deal 3 for $5$5.00
Lipton Lemon Ginseng Green Tea2 @ $4.47$8.94
Lemon Pepper Sardines2 @ $1.17$2.34
Pink Lemonade Drink Mix1$2.57
Apple Snack Pack1$1.97
Whole Grain Rotini1$1.97
Chocolate Peanut Butter Candies1$6.00
Bananas1.205 kg @ $1.46/kg$1.76
Plantain Chips3 @ $1.27$3.81
Que Pasa Blue Tortilla Chips1 bag$3.97
Tax5% GST on chips, drink mix.52¢

Again, I’m having trouble with the willpower thing and bought these Joe’s Tasty Travels bag of chocolate peanut butter coated peanuts. Loosely – they’re the same thing as M&Ms! $6 and I’d never seen them before and gave them a try. And unfortunately opened them shortly after arriving home and snacking on them. Oddly enough I didn’t get charged tax on them. How are they not considered a snack?!

I also spotted the peppermint mocha creamer that only seems to show up later in the year for the holiday season. I’d buy it year round if I could! It was marked down a buck. I have instant coffee in the house and usually make iced mocha. Seeing as how I’m working again and not a morning person, I sometimes make a mocha in the morning, and with the cold weather, maybe a hot drink.

October 28, 2021 Grocery Bill

It was a dark and stormy night…

No kidding. We’ve been getting a huge dump of rain. It’s really awful. I decided to go to Costco in Langley after checking on my drenched horse. I didn’t think it would be busy with the bad weather, and being night, but I was wrong. The place was packed.

I needed dog food and I never remember the way to get to that aisle. I walked in front of the freezer section and noticed cauliflower rice marked down $3 to $8.99 in the front section so I grabbed that too. It has 4 bags inside one big bag.

Cauliflower Rice1$8.99

October 30, 2021 Grocery Bill

Today I stopped at the London Drugs in Cloverdale and noticed the Christmas flavors of Celestial Seasonings tea were on display and on sale. 2 boxes for $6.00. They’re normally over $4 a box at most places. I haven’t seen Candy Cane Lane tea in a long time so I picked up a box of that along with a box of Ginger Spice.

Celestical Seasons Tea2 boxes for $6$6.00


And the final amount for my groceries in October, 2021 is … ta da!


And eight times I went inside stores to do grocery shopping. I didn’t include the cranberries and fudge I bought at the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival because I was outside in a park.

Wow! This is one of the highest months of the year in dollars spent. I felt I did normal stocking up, but I also felt I bought more junk that I should have. Those peanut butter balls from Walmart are deadly. A great deal to get 2 pounds for $6, but so easy for me to open up the cupboard several times a day to grab a handful.

I really need to get a handle on my willpower thing and keep the trigger foods out of my house. That would be sweet snacks.


The Vegetarian Cowgirl's September 2021 Grocery Bill


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Here’s how much I’ve been spending on groceries in 2021.

2021 Total$1,750.59

How are you doing with your grocery shopping? Do you still shop or have you switched to deliver or pick up service? Do you find you’re spending more money or less money on groceries?

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on November 1, 2021.


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