The Horsewoman's Guide to Slimming Down

Here it is – the horsewoman’s guide to slimming down!

I used to be a frequent visitor to the Dreamhorse forum. It used to be very active, but that was before Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Hardly anyone was posting and then the discussion forum closed in 2018.

One day a member of a horse forum asked how she could lose weight and received helpful responses from the horsewomen. Many of the tips are typical of what can be found on web pages offering diet advice. Us horsewomen are not doing too much differently than other women who are looking to slim down, except that we keep horses.

I kept track of the responses thinking one day they might come in useful. Little did I know that 10 years later I’d be a blogger and have a place to share them!

The Horsewoman's Guide to Slimming Down

Not everyone has access to a horse to ride regularly, or bales of hay to stack, but you can create an exercise plan for what suits you.

One of my favorite yoga sessions is free on Youtube, and its called Yoga for Equestrians. You don’t need to own a horse to do this video. This yoga lesson is low impact and relaxing.

Just about everyone owns a bike – our first exercise machine as kids! You can get a good deal on a used bike by checking out Craigslist or going to 2nd hand stores. I bought my mountain bike over 20 years ago at a police auction for unclaimed stolen items, and it’s still rolling along just fine.

6 Easy Ways to Get Outside - ride a bike

Check out my post for 6 easy ways to spend more time outside for more exercise options.

Now let’s get to it with the horsewoman’s guide to slimming down! Here are 20 tips from horsewoman on how to slim down:

  1. Eat smaller portions
  2. Drink water – add a slice of lime or lemon
  3. Limit juices and soft drinks
  4. Ride horses several times a week
  5. Walk an hour on days when not riding
  6. Oatmeal for breakfast
  7. Chocoholics try lite soy chocolate milk
  8. No major cheating foods after 2pm
  9. Drink green tea
  10. Haul bales of hay
  11. Take Tae Bo or pilates classes or watch video tapes
  12. Don’t eat white bread or white rice, go with whole grains instead
  13. Don’t eat fried foods or refined sugar products
  14. Replace sweets with fresh fruits and veggies
  15. Access to a swimming pool? Swim often
  16. Use exercise ball
  17. Drink fruit smoothies
  18. If you must have chocolate, eat dark chocolate
  19. Cycling
  20. If you have a horse’s neck sweat, put it around your belly. Wear it a lot, exercising, sleeping, etc.


  1. I’m going to check out the video. Low impact yoga sounds nice. I walk right now as my only form of exercise but l’m hoping to join a gym soon. I have only had chances to ride on trails which l always enjoy on vacation 🙂

    1. Hi Kemkem. You should check out some of the Yogamazing videos, he has a lot of different ones. I find this one for equestrians low impact and relaxing. I’ve done the gym thing and the enthusiasm doesn’t last long, but wish you luck! I have a 10 punch card I buy for the pool near my house and go to deep water aqaufit classes twice a week. Unless I talk myself out of it! Horseback riding, walking/hiking, swimming, and biking are my go to.

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