After driving down the Oregon Coast on Highway 101 from Seaside, I arrive in Lincoln City but it’s too early to check in to the Easter Lee Motel. The first thing I need to do is find a drugstore that sells chargers because I left my Kindle charger at the Motel 6 in Seaside. They phoned, but my phone didn’t ring. I must have been in a dead zone. I got the voice mail, but I’d driven too far to make it worthwhile to turn back.

And geez the cost of a charger was about half what my Kindle cost when I bought it and it came with a charger!

Staying at the Wonderful Ester Lee Motel in Lincoln City Oregon

Finally! Lincoln City, Oregon!

I was still too early to check in to the Ester Lee Motel where I’d booked a cottage overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but I found a parking lot next to the beach and took the dogs for a walk and hung out here for awhile. Then I headed to the motel and would you just look at the sign, How cute is that for a welcome?!

Staying at the Wonderful Ester Lee Motel in Lincoln City Oregon

In case I haven’t already mentioned it, the Oregon trip was for my birthday!

I parked near the office, hopped out of the car, and took a picture right away. This just made my day! I must have told John I was coming to Oregon for my birthday when I phoned to make the reservation. I came inside and two ladies are working the office.

“That happy birthday sign is for me,” I said. One of them printed a photo and handed it to me. They do this for their guests. Put the greeting on the sign, take a photo, and give it to the guest for a keepsake.

Happy dance! Happy dance!

It’s my party!

Here I should mention that the Ester Lee was my splurge. After all a girl deserves a little splurge on her birthday – right?

I’d been here before, back in 1997. My aunt and uncle were visiting from England and my parents thought it’d be nice to take them on a trip to Oregon for a couple of days. Me and the deadbeat came along as the drivers, and our sweetie pie Dalmatian, Katy, was along for the ride. We arrived in Lincoln City our second night on the road and were trying to figure out a place to stay. Then we saw the Ester Lee with a sign that said “dogs welcome” and that was the place.

And now I’m back.

Settling in at the Ester Lee

I got the key to my cottage. And yes, it was an actual key, not an electronic swipe card like everywhere else has these days. The Ester Lee has a motel section where dogs are not allowed, and cottages where dogs can stay. I’d stayed in a cottage the last time so I knew the drill. The rules haven’t changed in 20 years. All rooms have a view of the Pacific Ocean. The cottages are upstairs and downstairs units. The cottage John booked for me was a downstairs unit with two deck chairs outside my door. The Ester Lee sits upon a cliff with majestic views of the Pacific and the roar of the waves crashing upon the beach below. Man, I could just sit there for hours and stare at the view.

Enough sitting around! What did I come to Lincoln City for? To enjoy the view from the Ester Lee for sure. Walking on the beach. Factory outlet shopping. J’s Fish and Chips.

More on what I did around Lincoln City here. For now, enjoy the video collection of around the Ester Lee. I didn’t take shots inside my room, but the Ester Lee’s website has a good panoramic video of the room I stayed in. It was a cute cottage with a partial wall separating the bedroom from the living room. Windows in the living room and a window behind the bed showing off the great views of the Pacific Ocean. I’m pretty sure I would book this room again if it’s available on my next trip. Oh yes, I’m already planning my 2019 getaway!

Disclosure: I do not receive commission if you click on the links for the Ester Lee Motel. I paid the full rate during my stay there.

Ahhh… what you can see from the Ester Lee.

For more pictures of the Ester Lee, see my 2019 getaway to Lincoln City.


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