Spending the Day in Pajamas is not for Me

Ever since I was young I’ve always gotten dressed before leaving my bedroom. I’ve never been the type of person who walks around the house in my pajamas. Well, probably not since I was 5 years old! The habit stayed with my for a lifetime. Spending the day in pajamas is not for me.


The perception seems to be out there that people who don’t work, or people who work out of their homes, lounge around in their pajamas all day.

Certainly there are people out there who don’t get out of their pajamas all day because they don’t see the point in getting dressed. They’re not going out and they’re not expecting visitors.

But what if someone shows up at your door? Whether it’s a door to door salesman, your neighbor, or a friend just dropping by. Do you want your visitor to see you in your jammies?

There are people who work from home and write blog posts about how they hang out in their pajamas all day. Often followed by selling their product to teach how you, too, can live like this. That lifestyle must be attractive to some people. If it was me, I’d be too embarrassed to admit that’s my daily routine. Spending the day in pajamas is not for me.

Working from home

Since the coronavirus hit, many people are working at home to avoid the risk of getting Covid-19. Shortly after this work at home trend began in March, 2020, retailers were reporting an upswing in sales on tops but not bottoms. With video calls, staff working at home are only concerned with the camera view, how the upper part of their body looks.

Even Fisher-Price is getting in on the working from home trend. They’ve created a children’s toy called My Home Office that will be released on August 28, 2020.

(Disclosure: I’m an Amazon associate. If you click the link and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission for the referral.)


I’m not a morning person. If I could, I’d hang out in bed for a long time, reading or watching TV for as long as possible. Once I get out of bed, the first thing I do is get dressed. For me, the biggest reason to get up and dressed are my dogs. They need to go for a walk and take care of business. Many dog owners think the best solution is to open the back door and let the dog into the yard. However, most dogs are clean and won’t use their own yards as their toilet areas. Other people’s yards – no problem! First thing in the morning walkies means the dogs and I are getting fresh air and exercise.

My routine is to get dressed before leaving the bedroom to take the dogs out, because I’m sure not going to walk down the street in my pajamas. I admit I don’t put a lot of thought into what I wear for the first morning walk. I’ll even grab the jeans and shirt I was wearing the day before. Brush my teeth? Makeup? Forget it! The dogs needs must be met first.

Lounge wear = day wear?

Forget the people who spend the day in their pajamas because they’re not going out. What about people who do go out wearing their pajamas? I’m sure we’ve all seen women out and about in their lounge wear or leisure wear. Call it what you will. It looks like pajama bottoms to me,

Confession: I have a couple of pairs of those myself. Mainly I wear them on days where I’m not feeling well and get back into bed after tending to the dogs. I occasionally wear them in the evening if I’ve had a shower and don’t want to put my jeans back on, but that’s it. I can probably count on one hand the times I wear them in a year – and still have fingers left over.

Spending the Day in Pajamas is not for Me

One time I was staying at a Comfort Inn hotel. They offer a self-serve continental breakfast in a dining room area. Food choices are cereal, fruit, and yogurt. They also have a make it yourself waffle maker. There are several tables and chairs set up to eat your breakfast. Everyone comes down to the breakfast area fully dressed. Except for one young lady, about 25 years old, in flannel pajamas and slippers. She was sitting at a table with 3 men in their twenties, all dressed. I’m thinking “have some respect for yourself, girl”. You’re only setting yourself up for trouble if you go out in public in your pajamas.

A little later I was outside in the parking lot and I spotted another woman in her pajamas. She was walking her dog, or more accurately, letting it go potty in the hotel’s front garden.

I just don’t know what people are thinking when they go outside in public areas still wearing their pajamas.

Inspiration to change out of jammies?

I’m a somewhat casual follower of Flylady. Have you heard of Flylady? This is an organizational system and one of Flylady’s mantras is to get dressed to your shoes every day. The thinking behind this is you are now ready for everything. If you find yourself struggling to get the house clean and keep yourself organized, Flylady offers free reminder emails and instructions.

Living on a Dime is another great resource to help people save money, whether it comes to cooking, cleaning, organizing, and keeping your life under control. They have an article on how getting dressed can totally change your life. It’s all about having respect for yourself, taking pride in your appearance (or at least getting out of your pajamas!), and how you’re more productive when you’re dressed. As for me, I’m already dressed so I don’t find the extra benefits that someone else would who normally stays in their pajamas all day, but I can absolutely see how this article will help others. It’s such an easy thing to do: take off your pajamas and put on your day clothes. And apparently it’s a struggle for many people.


You have to be ready for anything. If you get a phone call that someone has been rushed to the hospital, if you’re already dressed, you can grab your keys and leave immediately. If someone comes to the door and needs your attention, you’re not embarrassed by being caught still wearing your night clothes.

Need more motivation to get out of your pajamas? Get yourself a dog. Their needs come before yours first thing in the morning. Get dressed and take your dog outside for a walk. If you already have a dog and its routine is to use your backyard as its toilet area, get dressed as soon as you get out of bed and start walking.

Do you spend the day at home wearing pajamas?

Spending the day in pajamas is not for me.

How about you?

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  1. Easy answer for me! I wear nothing to bed :-), so of course l have to wear something when l get up. Usually just a tank top. I do admit to being one of the lazy dog owners who open the door and let them do their thing in the morning. Our walks are in the afternoon/early evening. I am too lazy now. I used to do it when we lived in Malta, but the bigger beagle kept moving the time up till l had to take him at 4.30AM. Malta was safe, but it was still scary to be out then. I had to retrain him. I can’t believe someone had the nerve to eat breakfast in jimmies..haha! Surprised the staff didn’t kick her out!

    1. Ha ha. Yeah there’s probably a law against walking out the door in your birthday suit! LOL! You also have to time your walks when its not the blazing heat. I live on 10 acres and I can walk my dogs around the property throughout the day, but I also drive them to safe walking places. Yikes to getting up at 4:30am for walkies! The hotel’s dining area was all self-serve. There were no staff in there to kick anyone out for showing up in their PJs. I suppose someone on staff might show up from time to time and do a quick check to stock up or wipe down messes.

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