It’s time to share my story about a romance scammer named “Kenives” who contacted me on Western Match. He sent a flirt message: “I’m interested in getting to know you.” His entire profile screams SCAMMER!

Western Match has flirt messages written by their staff. When you’re looking at someone’s profile, you can send them a flirt, choosing a message you like from a drop down menu. Usually only free members use the flirt option. Paying members can write a message, so a flirt is not so useful, though some are kind of cute. Corny but cute!


Review of Western Match Dating Website

There’s no golden horseshoe on this thumbnail. So that means Kenives is either a cheap ass who won’t spend $40 a year for membership, which is pretty reasonable for a dating site, or he’s a romance scammer.

First off, only one photo, and he doesn’t look anything like a cowboy! Legit cowboys on this site are probably wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse. That’s a little tough for a horse-less scammer to pull off!

So the first thing I do is a reverse image search. Kenives claims to be 60 years old, but the photo looks more like a man aged anywhere from 35 to 45.

The photo appears to be Henry Cavill, a 37 year old British actor.


It took a couple of snips for me to get the whole profile. Check out this scammer!

Kenives claims to be an engineer, a common career choice for a romance scammer. He’s widowed, always a popular marital status for a romance scammer. And one child. Age unknown, but most scammers have a twelve year old boy who’d like an iPhone and iTunes cards.


Let’s take a closer at the profile which is mostly flowery bullshit that romance scammers like to use:

A loving Father to an only child. A widower and an optimistic soul who doesnt run from adversities. I am a passionate person. I have good listening and leadership skills, understanding as well as intuitive.
I wear my smile always, this helps me keep a positive and optimistic mindset. I am a true believer of monogamous relationship. I treat people right and also kind to animals. I love horses.

kenives – western match scammer

Looks like he threw in loving horses to fit in better with cowboys and cowgirls on Western Match!

And then check out below as Kenives plagiarizes Mark Twain! With a typo! id? Try “is“! Well s and d are next to each other on the keyboard.

Kindness id the only language the deaf can hear and the blind can see, that is why its good to be kind all the time.

mark twain

And then Kenives comes up with a verse about a woman’s body that can be found all over the Internet.

OK, I’m sure you get the “picture” and I won’t need to upload any more! Ha ha!

Did everyone notice in Kenives physical description that he lists his hair color as white? Ha ha! Next time don’t steal a brunette’s photo! This romance scammer Kenives can’t even keep his story straight.

I alerted the operators of Western Match to the fake profile and they’ve suspended the account while they look into it. This usually means they ask the person behind the profile to send them a date stamped photo as proof they are who they say they are. I suppose they can also ask the person to join them on the video chat feature their website promotes.


To learn more about Western Match dating site – the place where cowgirls and cowboys meet – no scammers please! – click the banner below to read my review.

Review of Western Match Dating Website

I also did a review of Western Match on my YouTube channel.


Unfortunately, Western Match has its fair share of romance scammers. It’s a niche dating site, where cowboys and cowgirls can meet. Most of the cowboys have a few photos up, and probably at least one riding their horse.

What’s going to catch a cowgirl’s attention? A cowboy riding his horse, or some joker who stole a photo of a guy wearing a baseball cap? No livestock in sight! Come on, you scamming idiots. At least steal a photo of a man wearing a cowboy hat!

It’s harder for romance scammers to fake their way around a niche dating site. Horsewomen can tell pretty quickly if a man doesn’t have any horse experience!

Scammers want to get their victims away from the dating site’s internal messaging system asap. Romance scammers are in a huge hurry to get a woman’s phone number so they can send “romantic” texts and quickly declare their love.

Moral of the story is: be cowgirl tough! From everything we know about men and fake cowboys, we’re better off sticking with our horses!

Posted by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on March 15, 2021.


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