Review Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets

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On my post How to get Free Stuff and Sometimes even get Paid, I mentioned a company called Social Nature.

Social Nature sends me products to try in exchange for doing a review. Usually, Social Nature sends a free coupon instead of the actual product. That often leads to difficulty trying to track down the item I need to review.

For example, Bob’s Red Mill products are available in all the stores around here, but do you think I can find Bob’s Red Mill Instant Oatmeal to save my life? Ha ha! Check out that fool’s errand on YouTube.

Queen St Bakery

Social Nature sent me a few requests to try a product from Queen St Bakery before I finally tossed my name into the hat to keep them quiet.

I’ve never tried Queen St Bakery products, but I have spotted them in the grocery stores. The only reason I’ve seen them is because I’m a vegetarian. Most grocery stores have a refrigerated and frozen section dedicated to vegetarian and organic products. A small section! The Queen St Bakery sells frozen bread products, so I’ve seen them when I’ve been looking for other products, but I’ve never bought them.

I was already ahead of the game from other Social Nature reviewers who had a hard time finding Queen St Bakery products in the grocery store. I already knew where to look.

Chia Pizza Dough

I was intererested in trying the chia pizza dough. While I was waiting for my Queen St Bakery coupon to arrive in the mail, I went out and purchased the toppings I’d need for pizza – olives, mushrooms, shredded cheese, and pizza sauce.

Yummy! Looking forward to pizza!

I took my coupon went to the Real Canadian Superstore and headed to the freezer where the Queen St Bakery products are kept. Unfortunately, there was no pizza dough, chia or otherwise, on the shelf.


But – I was very happy to spot Tofurky roast with stuffing on a nearby shelf! I haven’t seen it in the stores in at least a year. It’s been on my shopping list on my iPhone for a very long time. So that hit my shopping basket BAM!

I stopped by another store the next day, and again no pizza dough.

This is not going to turn into another great search like with the Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal Cups! I’m not running all over town to find this sucker.

Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets

My other Queen St Bakery choices are a few puny loaves of gluten free bread and a couple of puny looking packages of tiny buns.

Review: Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets

The bunlets look about the size of donut holes, and there aren’t many in the package. Reluctantly, I placed them in my cart.

This is not something I would normally buy, but I knew if I didn’t provide a review soon for Social Nature they’d be bombarding me with reminder emails.

Mini bunlets

Here are a few photos of how big the Queen St Bakery chia bunlets are. Keep in mind that I have small hands.

Review: Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets
Review: Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets
Review: Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets
Review: Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets

They tasted OK to me. They’re a dark bread and the rosemary and sea salt is very noticeable.

However, I like a regular sized bun. After eating two bunlets, I didn’t feel that was enough to satisfy me, but at 50 calories apiece, that’s enough.


A bag of Queen St Bakery rosemary sea salt chia bunlets cost $5.98. Whew! I was glad I had a free coupon!

Review: Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets

Nine little buns come in a bag.

That’s 66¢ per bunlet.


A couple of things that are subjective are taste and price. We’re all different. People will have varying opinions on both.

Around here, I’m all about advising ladies that we have to be smart with our money. Six bucks for nine little frozen buns = not a smart buy.

You can pick up a dozen whole wheat buns in the grocery store’s bakery section for $3. Maybe cheaper. You can bake your own buns, maybe even two dozen buns that’ll cost you $3 in flour, milk, eggs, honey, and yeast. If you want to put rosemary, chia, and sea salt into your homemade buns – you can do it!

Thanks for stopping by to read my review: Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets. My opinion is for something that only tastes OK, the Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets are poor value.

What do you think? Have you tried Queen St Bakery Rosemary Sea Salt Chia Bunlets? Let me know in the comments what you thought of how they tasted and if you felt like you got your money’s worth.

Craving pizza!

I’ve been looking forward to pizza. That Queen St Bakery chia pizza dough got me all excited.

Remember my post about cooking in a small kitchen where I used to buy pizza shells from Buns Master and bake pizza in a toaster oven?

These days I usually make my own pizza dough, generally this Parmesan pizza dough recipe from the Kraft Canada Kitchen.

For my next trick, I’m planning to make this Multigrain Pizza Dough from Canadian Living. I can even throw in some chia seeds because I have them on hand.

I had to eat my fresh tomatoes and mushrooms. That means waiting a little longer to make pizza until I can get back to the produce store.

Pizza, pizza. Who else is craving pizza?

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