Review of Promensil Post Menopause Women's Health

I was recently given a complimentary sample bottle of Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health to review. Thanks Social Nature! I have not received further compensation for my honest product review.

The sample bottle size I received has 30 capsules. The dosage is one per day.

Promensil is a natural menopause and post-menopause supplement that features red clover isoflavones. The product sent to me is called Promensil Women’s Health Post-Menopause.

The product claims to support:

  • Healthy heart
  • Healthy bones
  • Cognitive health and Brain function
  • Healthy eyes

Yes! Those all those areas are of concern to me. I want to keep my body as happy and healthy for as long as I can.


Just to veer off topic a bit.

In 2018 when I had an eye exam I mentioned to the doctor my concern over reading small print, especially on over the counter medicines and vitamins.

Are my eyes worsening or is the print getting smaller?

I wear glasses for distance, for driving. Things look a bit fuzzy in the distance when I’m not wearing glasses, but I can still see way off in the distance. When I put glasses on, it sharpens what I see in the distance. After my last visit, the doctor noted something a little unusual. My eyesight has improved! My eyeglass prescription was changed.

Anyway, I don’t have problems reading books or menus.

The doctor agreed that in many cases, the small print is getting smaller. The manufacturers are trying to squeeze as much information as they can on small bottles.

Magnifying glass time

The first thing I realized is that the printing on the Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health bottle is miniscule.


Review of Promensil Post Menopause Women's Health

Fortunately, I have a magnifying glass with lights. I bought it at the dollar store a couple of years ago when I was getting frustrated with the small print on over the counter medications. I want to make sure I’m taking the right dosage!

Now that I’ve got the magnifying glass out, I can see that Promensil also claims to reduce menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. Luckily for me, no problems in those areas.

Along with the bone help mentioned above, it also helps with teeth health. Good to know, thank you magnifying glass!

Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health might reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. Hmmm. Better Google that word.

And then – oops! – I see I’m supposed to consume it with a meal that preferably includes fats. I just ate dinner, had tuna cakes that I used a little vegetable oil to cook, so I quickly consume my first capsule. This is kind of a problem for me because I don’t eat a lot of fats, but I usually put a low calorie salad dressing on my spinach, so maybe that’ll be good enough.

The label also says for use beyond one year, see a health care practitioner.

It does not look like Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health is a long term supplement, which is too bad. Women are usually looking for supplements that we can consume for a long time and not worry about side effects due to longevity.

Opening the bottle

The first thing it looks to me that this isn’t going to be easy for someone with arthritis in their fingers to break into the Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health bottle. This product is aimed at older females. It’s reasonable to assume with age women are going to get osteoarthritis in their fingers and that makes it difficult to open things.

And yes, that’s a problem for me, especially since the arthritis is getting worse in my right thumb. I’m right handed. Promensil has one of those tamper-proof lids that you have to twist it really hard to get it to break free of the plastic teeth holding it from below. Surprisingly, I managed to twist the lid off without too much difficulty. Often I have to bring a knife into play to cut the plastic off these types of lids.

Review of Promensil Post Menopause Women's Health

My work’s not done yet. The mouth of the bottle is covered with one of those freshness seals, aka another tamper proof seal. The type that doesn’t have a good lip on the paper edge for a person to grip on to. It has those five or six tiny little ridges that maybe someone with fingers the size of a barbie doll can grip onto and lift off. Why can’t it come in a easy to lift seal – especially when it’s marketed towards older women who might now be having difficulty with osteoarthritis in their fingers. Remarkably, I managed to get the seal off in about 10 or 15 seconds. Normally I would take that same knife and poke a hole in the seal and then tear it off.


After three weeks of using the Promensil, I can’t say Yay or Nay. Especially since the manufacturer says it might take a few months to notice any difference.

The issues Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health helps with are not things I’d be able to measure myself anyway. Bones, teeth, brain function.

Promensil comes in gel capsules that were easy to swallow. I even tested it once without drinking something and it still went down OK. It doesn’t taste bad and there is no aftertaste.

I did not notice any adverse affects from consuming Promensil.

Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health also claims to help with a good night’s sleep. I wrote a post about having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, a lifetime issue for me. In order to give Promensil a chance to work, I didn’t take any other products to help me sleep. Other than my ear plugs that is! Unfortunately in the short period of time taking Promensil, it didn’t help with my sleep. Many times I had trouble falling asleep and I didn’t get a restful sleep, waking up throughout the night.

I checked a few places and Promensil sells for around $25 to $40. That’s for a month’s supply. I’m frugal, and there are similar products to assist with women’s health during menopause or post menopause that are less expensive.

Watch my YouTube video as I review Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health.

Where to buy?

I looked around to see where I could buy Promensil Post Menopause Women’s Health. It’s not available at Vitamart where I buy supplements. It’s not on Vitasave either. The Promensil website does show a few places where it can be purchased: Walmart Shopper’s Drug Mart, Loblaw’s and Save On Foods.

I also spotted it on Amazon, but I think it can be purchased cheaper elsewhere.

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