Hi friends, and thanks for stopping by to check out my review of the Naked Natural energy drink, red flavor.

And what’s in the red flavor? Apple, raspberry, and goji berries!

Disclosure: I have not received any compensation from Naked Natural energy drinks, or their parent company, Tropicana Brands Group. This review is my honest opinion after a taste test.

Who’s heard of Naked Natural energy drinks?

Prior to receiving my freebie, I’d never heard of Naked Natural energy drinks.

A little online research and I read an article that says they’re part of the Tropicana Brands Group.

At this time, I believe these energy drinks are only distributed in Great Britain. Perhaps in other countries in Europe. I can not find any mention of them on the Tropicana Brands Group in the USA or Canada.

This could possibly be due to distribution competition with another energy drink in their group.


But let’s just back up a bit…

Did I just say I got a can of Naked Natural Energy Drink for free?

Yup! And that’s just because I was in the right place at the right time.

I was in Paddington train station in London, England to catch a train for Oxford. The train I planned to catch was cancelled.

Welcome to England! Be prepared for trains that are cancelled or delayed.

Anyway, so I was stuck waiting around the train station for another 30 minutes until the next train. The platform was announced about 10 minutes before the train’s departure. As I was walking to the platform, I passed a man with an enormous box holding cans of Naked Natural Energy Drink, and he was handing them out to the people walking past.

Thanks, man!

I got the red flavor. The Naked Energy Drink also has a Gold flavor with orange, pineapple, and mango juice, but I don’t think that flavor was in the box.

Taste test

Honesty first. I’m not a big energy drink fan. I have no particular energy drink brand that I prefer over another. I’m more of an iced tea person.

I popped the can open, took a sip, and …

I liked it!

This might be because I truly enjoyed the flavors in the Naked Natural Energy Drink Red – apple, raspberry, and goji. And also because I like Tropicana juices. It mostly tasted like a carbonated fruit juice.

With only 35 calories per can.

Watch me in action!

Where can you buy Naked Natural Energy Drinks?

That’s a good question!

For right now, I believe this energy drink is only available in Europe.

It’s likely a new product launch, which explains the merchandiser at the train station handing out free cans to everyone.

Have you tried Naked Natural Energy Drinks? Which flavor did you like? And more importantly, where did you find it? Please drop a comment below.

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on July 7, 2024.

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