My donate cash envelope was inspired after I read a blog and someone who has trouble saving money was challenged to save $1 a week.

After a year, that will be $52. What would you do with that little extra money? Go out for dinner? Buy something a little extravagant you wouldn’t normally get like scented hand lotion from the specialty store in the mall? Look at something on the stock market to invest in?

At the end of the year $52 is not a whole lot of money, but the main purpose is to get a person who has never saved money to start doing so.

You might be able to save a little bit more money than that, say $5 a week.

If you have difficulty saving money, it’s a start.


The story of saving a dollar a week inspired me to make an envelope to save $10 a month to donate to charities.

I have a couple of charities that I donate to usually around December. Namely the Union Gospel Mission and the BC Alzheimer’s Society. My donate money envelope is not aimed towards them.

It’s more for when I see a veteran selling poppies in November. Or the Salvation Army kettles that show up in December or various charities that set up at farmer’s markets. The type of charities where I can drop $10 or $20 into the jar and continue on my way.

I got an envelope and wrote each month on it. When I put in $10, I cross off the month.

It’s a similar envelope system that I use for the Christmas fund.


The biggest issue I can see is that when I’m out somewhere I might spot a charity I’d like to give a little cash to, but my donate cash envelope is at home.

The envelope is in a drawer at home, so I have to plan ahead a bit. If I’m going to a festival or farmer’s market, or trade show, I’ll put my donate cash envelope in my purse ahead of time.

As things start to open up in British Columbia, there are going to be more charities at various events collecting donations. The plan is if I leave the envelope at home, to put $30 or $40 in my wallet ahead of time. That way I should be covered for last minute donations.


I think it’s possible there will leftover cash in my donate cash envelope at the end of the year.

That money will be donated to a local charity, probably a food bank.

What do you think? Are you going to start a donate cash envelope so you’re prepared for on the fly charity donations?

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on July 18, 2021.


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