Life around Cloverdale, British Columbia during Coronavirus Pandemic

Fortunately, in British Columbia, Canada we’re not on a quarantine lock down due to Covid-19.

Life for me continues pretty much the same. I walk my dogs, spend time with my horse, and grocery shop as needed.

I’m generally following the advice of our province’s head doctor to stay at home. I tended to pretty much follow that advice before the pandemic anyway!

My challenges are that I’m single, not in a relationship, and no kids. I have no one else who can feed and check my horse. There is no one else who can walk my dogs. If I’m running low on food for myself or my animals – I have to go out and buy it.

There are people in other countries whose freedom to move around has been restricted because they’re under quarantine lock down.

For a glimpse of life in Spain, see Tales from the Spanish Lockdown by my blogging friend, Kemkem.

Many states in the U.S. are under stay at home orders, although residents, who are not sick, are allowed to go shopping, banking, and exercise (walk, bike) as long as they follow social distancing guidelines.

Life around Cloverdale, British Columbia during Coronavirus Pandemic

Things look different for everyone, so I decided to put together a video of what life’s like for me.

A day in my life!

How exciting! Well, maybe not…

Some of the video I’m using the camera on my Kindle Fire. Those portions of the video will be shaky and you’ll see my finger make an appearance as I try to steady the Fire.

Oops! Sorry about that. 🙁

What you won’t see is when I was in the middle of taping in front of a closed shop, a woman was walking her dog across the street. My dog, Shadow, took great offense to that! Barking and yanking on the leash, and well you can imagine the scrambling going on while I tried to get the dog under control and prevent the Kindle from hitting the ground!

Then I went over to Save On Foods to buy yogurt and check if by any chance they had Vitamin C and barley. Yes to both! It’s the brand I usually buy – Jamieson chewables – but not the flavor I usually get. At least I should be glad for small miracles! Unfortunately, Save On charges $9.99 for this brand – $3 more than Walmart’s price tag!

Life around Cloverdale, British Columbia during Coronavirus Pandemic

Remember my review about Save On Foods is too expensive? It’s the place I go to pick up a couple of things, not where I do the majority of my shopping.

By this time I’d switched to the camera on my iPhone to be less obvious than carrying around a Kindle Fire. I turned on the video and chatted about my luck at finding Jamieson Vitamin C. A Save On Foods employee was at the end of the aisle. She might have been stocking something on the end cap, and she stepped around the corner scowling at me. Nice! Friendly, aren’t you? Ha ha!

I wasn’t using a shopping basket. The couple of things I was purchasing I was able to carry. But you know what? Maybe that scowler threw me off my end game! I completely forgot to go down the paper products aisle and see if they had any toilet paper or paper towels!

You might need to adjust your sound. The microphones on my Kindle Fire and iPhone aren’t the greatest at picking up my voice. I recommend clicking through to YouTube to watch the video in full size. There’s an unexpected surprise that my car’s dash cam caught. It probably won’t be visible on the smaller screen.

The recipe for my frozen chocolate banana peanut butter cups is on my post The Dead Banana Dilemma.

As always. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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  1. Such strange times these days. Thanks for the mention. In some ways, I admire how much relative freedom you have. It must be tough to have to be alone (especially with walking the dogs as l sometimes hate it). Luckily, I can have my husband do it if l don’t feel like it but these days l definitely want to because it’s the only time out l get. I have to admit that after a month, I am starting to get a bit stir crazy being indoors. I hope they will let us out for a while like they do in Cyprus and France. You should have scowled back at the employee.. haha! I love that picture of you with your horse above. You look so happy. You should do more vlogs :-).

    1. Thanks Kemkem! You’ve given a great insight to life in Spain under Covid-19 restrictions!

      Even though I’m alone, I see others daily. My landlord’s house is about 150 feet away from mine. So when we’re outside we chat a bit from a few feet away! Their grandkids are staying here full time for about a month now so they’re moving around. And at the farm where I keep my horse I usually see someone every day. Either driving past or near enough to chat. One day last week from atop my horse I had a good 5 minute chat with one of the property’s occupants.

      Happiness is owning a horse! Ha ha! Horses have always kept me sane. Maybe now more than ever.

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