Be Kind and Lend a Helping Hand

To start off with a little background, I have two big dogs I walk everywhere, Shadow and Chica, the joys of my life.

Yesterday I parked my car in a residential area of Cloverdale, intending to walk them around the block and then back to the Cloverdale fairgrounds that is getting set up for the rodeo and country fair happening this long weekend.

As I was getting the dogs out of the car I noticed a person on a mobilized scooter on my side of the sidewalk and another person on the opposite side of the street riding a scooter. I also noticed a man about 35 to 40 years old sitting on a cement block about 40 feet up the street from where I parked. He looked creepy and made me uneasy, like he was up to no good. With the town ready to host a rodeo and country fair, it also brings in a transient crowd looking to cause trouble. I decided I’d cross the street and walk my dogs on the other side.

As I started down the street I noticed the elderly man who’d been riding the scooter was standing beside it, holding on to the canopy that would protect the rider somewhat against the weather. It had clearly become detached from the scooter.

“Do you need a hand?” I asked, and approached him.

Yes, he was happy for my assistance. The canopy had come apart and he couldn’t bend down to get it back in the bracket, which is located underneath the scooter’s seat.

The canopy wasn’t very heavy, just a little awkward due to its size. The biggest issue were my two big dogs who were happy to find someone they hoped would pat them and give them treats. I was concerned they might knock the dear, old fellow over. I’m not sure how old he was, but I’d estimate in his 80’s, and obviously frail if he required a scooter for mobility.

Trying to keep my dogs under control from knocking the nice old fellow down, I ducked down, got the canopy in the bracket, and screwed it back in. I wasn’t sure if the screw had slotted back into the hole, or if I’d just screwed it against the metal, in which case it would be good enough to get home, and then some. I had tightened it pretty good. He said he was nearly home, and pointed at the senior’s residence that I believe the Lions run, so there would be care staff on duty. I advised him to ask one of the attendants to check it out and make sure it was properly secured.

My father had a similar scooter, with a canopy, but his was a larger scooter. If he’d had a breakdown, I’d sure hope that someone would stop to help him. It’s the decent thing for a caring human being to do.

He thanked me and we both went on our way.

But not before I noticed the creepy man sitting on the cement block across the street watching us.

Yeah, thanks for the help, buddy.

You know when you just have that creepy feeling that won’t go away? Even though I’d locked my car and set the alarm, creepy man was sitting fairly close to it and it made me nervous. My iPad was in the car, hidden from view, and I patted down my pockets and realized I didn’t have my wallet with me. Then the panic sets in. Is my wallet sitting on the front passenger seat in full view of anyone who walks past? Did I put it in my centre console?

I turned around and walked back to my car. Creepy man was still sitting on the cement block. My car was intact. The wallet was indeed inside the console, out of the sight of creepy man and anyone else walking past.

He kept staring at me with that creepy look. Uncaring human being when it comes to lending a hand to a senior citizen. He’d rather sit there on his fat ass looking creepy than lend a helping hand.

Don’t be that creep. If you notice someone who needs a helping hand, be kind. Stop and offer your assistance.

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