How are you holding out with your 2021 debt stress levels?

Here’s the thing about all the debt you had in 2020.

That debt followed you into 2021!

Wouldn’t it be nice to start off a new year with a clean slate? All your debt just magically disappears on January 1. Wow! I’d sure like to get on board with that one!

What kind of debt followed you into 2021? Do you have a mortgage? How about a car loan? What about any other types of personal loans? Maybe you did some home improvement projects or consolidated your debt in 2020.

With me, the most troublesome debt was always credit cards. This was due to an ex who couldn’t control his spending and maxed out all his credit cards. Fortunately, my name wasn’t on any of them! He spent hundreds of dollars a month, maybe closer to $1000 just trying to pay the minimum balance due on all of them. That put a strain on our household expenses and too many times I’d have to use my credit card just to cover the basics.


What debt followed me from 2020 into 2021?

I don’t have a mortgage, car loan, or owe any other money.

My only debt comes from evil credit cards.

One credit card debt that carried over into January, 2021 was $160. I used that credit card in December to make donations to two charities.

Another credit card bill that showed up in January was $89.42. That was an Amazon purchase and renewing the website domain name.

Spending the Night in Historic Astoria, Oregon

Also in December, I used another credit to renew my dog license – $38.

My carryover debt from 2020 into 2021 is $287.42.

Paid in full.

My debt stress level is pretty low.

What’s my secret to living a debt-free life?

There’s no real big secret. I don’t make a lot of money and can’t afford to go into debt. That’s why I avoid using my credit card.


Actually my worst credit card debt happens in February. My BCAA membership is due, around $100. That’s British Columbia’s version of AAA or CAA.

Also I pay the company that hosts my website for the year, also around $100.

The thing with both those bills is the cut off date usually means the statement arrives in March.

Then there’s a matter of some really cute waterproof cowgirl boots I bought on sale in January, so I have that invoice to look forward to in February. Also around $100. I’m consistent at least!


OK, I’ve already chatted about my spending.

Your turn now!

What do you regret buying in 2020 that you’re still paying for in 2021?

Buying food and eating out are the biggest regrets most people have when it comes to credit card spending.

A lesson I learned as a teenager is never buy food on a credit card. Once the food is eaten – it’s gone forever. But that credit card debt could take a long time to pay off.

See: Quit Eating your Way into Debt.

If it sounds like you need to plug some leaks when it comes to spending, see these articles for more help:

Track Your Spending using a Backwards Budget

Figuring out your Money


If you’re always worrying about how you’ll be able to repay your debt, it can take a heavy toll on your life and your body. Heart disease is right up there and that can go hand in hand with a higher risk of stroke. You’ll be dealing with depression and that often leads to overeating. The next thing you know you’re fighting obesity and risk of diabetes.

You can’t sleep at night because you’re worrying about paying your bills. Or you’re crying yourself to sleep for the same reason.

You have trouble dealing with simple life tasks and making money decisions. You’re paralyzed into inaction.

The weight of the world is on your shoulders. Desperation is a helpless feeling. What to do?

The first thing you do is take that first step and seek assistance.

What Happens when you can't Pay Bills?

Once you’ve paid off your debt, your life will become less stressful.

Isn’t that something worth working hard to achieve?

less stress

When you’re no longer throwing money away at your credit card debt or personal loans, you can use this money to build up an emergency fund, invest in your retirement, take a vacation, and so much more!

In other words – you’ll have most of your money for yourself instead of paying back money to others.

Get your life back on track!

You deserve to enjoy a stress-free life!

Make debt your enemy!

It’s time to relax instead of worrying. Use tips and suggestions from the links on this post to make changes to your money and spending habits and get closer to living a life without debt.

Always remember – your credit card is not your friend.

cheryl @ the lifestyle digs


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