How do you Feel about Money

I think about money a lot. The things I could do if I had more money. Ways that I could make more money. Fears about outliving my money and spending my senior years in poverty.

One of the things I’m not currently worrying about is paying back money. I’ve been debt free for periods on and off over my life and for the past few years I’ve been debt free. I’m no longer in a relationship with a man who can’t control his spending = getting irate over the debt he’s sinking us in.

Here’s something I understand. If my money is out of control, my feelings probably are too.

How about you?

Women are generally more financially stressed than men, because we tend to be more responsible and worry about paying bills. That’s because women typically earn less money than men. Still. This money inequality has been going on for decades.

Here are some more of my feelings about money, whether or not they personally apply to me. Sometimes I say “I”, and sometimes I say “you” or “we”. I’m just going with the flow and jotting them down, putting them out there. My thoughts. My feelings. Many of them might be your feelings about money too.

Hopefully my ramblings aren’t too disjointed so that you can’t understand.

Or maybe that’s the point. Maybe we can never fully understand how we feel about money.

These statements aren’t necessarily meant to be answered, though some I go into a bit more whether it applies to me or just generally to women. Just to give us something to think about. If one of my thoughts isn’t the way you feel about money, you can be pretty certain another woman feels this way.


I feel discouraged about my finances. Like I’m not financially where I thought I’d be at this stage of my life. I really thought I’d be living in my own home with the mortgage paid off. I’ve owned two houses, and bouts of unemployment and low income made paying the mortgage a struggle. The last house was the albatross. I had to cash in retirement savings and take cash advances on my credit card just to pay the mortgage during times of low/no cash flow. I never fell behind but it was a struggle. Selling the house and divorce later in life pretty much means I’ll never be a home owner again. At least being a renter is less stressful.

How do you Feel about Money

Yes, the above paragraph is definitely all me. What are some other feelings I have about money or feelings that I think other women might have especially when they’re feeling discouraged about their finances?

How does money make you feel?

What I’ve jotted below is not supposed to be depressing. It’s supposed to make you think. A though provoking post! Feel free to add any of your feelings about money into the comments below.

All the things I could do if I had a little money, it’s a rich man’s world. – ABBA

If I won the lottery, all my money problems would be over.

Feeling guilty when we spend too much money.

Does thinking about money make you nauseous? Especially why you’re struggling financially. Yeah, welcome to my life.

Forgive your financial mistakes.

Do you dread taking financial responsibility and evade to the last possible minute? Like paying bills or checking your bank balance.

Too many times I leave the credit card payments until a day or two before they’re due. I hate going to my online banking and seeing if I have enough money in there to pay the bill. Especially when I can barely (or not) make the minimum payment.

Becoming debt free can make you feel like a load has been lifted off your shoulders.

Will I have enough money to cover my medical expenses?

Overwhelmed by our financial situation.

How will I repay my student loan when I don’t make enough money to cover my living expenses?

Are my actions just contributing to my worst fears? I feel like I’m living on the edge of financial disaster.

I have a good grasp of my money.

How do you Feel about Money?

Do I always have to be practical when spending money?

The decisions you make about borrowing and spending money can make you feel sick.

Don’t loan money to friends or family because they probably won’t pay you back and you’ll never speak to them again. Unless of course, that was your intention all along. If you can’t stand that asshole brother-in-law and you loan him $1000 and he never pays you back and drops out of sight, well maybe that money was well spent!

Do you need lots of money to be happy? I hate hearing people say you can’t buy happiness with money. Well I don’t know but I’d sure like to try! I’d sure be able to afford my misery!

Are you obsessed with every dollar you spend? There’s a difference between being frugal and being cheap.

I’ve set up an emergency fund. What an accomplishment!

I want to work so the income can fund my retirement and so I can lead a fuller life. I need to work because I have bills to pay. Why can’t I find a job or a better job that brings in more money? Why don’t employers give me a chance? What’s wrong with me? I’m physically and mentally capable. I’m responsible and enthusiastic. Why is this so hard?

How do you Feel about Money

It’s just a stupid job. No job is worth risking your health or dying over.

If a million dollars dropped in my lap, I’d be good financially for the rest of my life.

Many women living in poverty weren’t when their husbands were alive or when they were still married.

I’d like to be able to donate more money to my favorite charities.

I’ll be embarrassed if my credit card is declined.

I wish I could go out for dinner or drinks more often and not feel guilty that my money could be better spent elsewhere. The cost of that evening out could equal a week’s worth of groceries.

Can money solve all my problems?

I’ve opened up an investment account and bought my first stocks!

I’m worried about running out of money.

Anxiety and avoidance. The next thing you know, bills are overdue.

Look at your finances and create a financial plan.

Depression can lead to women being unable to face financial responsibilities or having the energy to deal with them.

Money is power.

How do you Feel about Money

Are money troubles making it difficult to get out of bed in the morning?

Do you look at someone else who looks like they have no money problems and can afford nice things and vacations and wish you were living their life? Stop comparing yourself to others. We can’t all be billionaires and keep up with the Kardashians.

Substance abuse can lead to bad financial decisions.

No matter how bad things are going for you financially, there is always someone else in this world who is in a worse place than you.

I can’t afford it.

You can turn your life around and battle money problems.

I won’t spend my money irresponsibly.

Don’t lose the things that money can’t buy.

How wonderful it would be to have time and money at the same time.

I’m happier living a single life even though I’m struggling financially.

Make your anxiety motivate you to deal with your finances. Face your financial fears and tackle them head on.

How do you Feel about Money?

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