It’s cool and cloudy this Sunday, good enough for horseback riding through the trails.

At least it’s not raining!

Come and join me on my ride today. The route is the Fernridge Trail to Campbell Valley Park in south Langley, beautiful British Columbia.

My horse, Cajun, seemed happy enough when I arrived and to suck back a few horse treats.

Then he decided to head back to his hay. Maybe he thinks I’ll cancel the ride if he’s eating.

I have to ride along a somewhat busy road and then along a semi-busy road to get to the trails. The horse gets my full attention on the busier road. No photos here! Both hands holding the reins.

Some drivers carefully drive past and other drivers are assholes! Pass a horse slowly and with lots of room. Horses are unpredictable. You never know when one is going to spook.

The semi-busy road has lots of room to get away from the traffic. There are some goats and sheep to say “hello” to.

On the next street are a couple of donkeys. So cute!

Even though it’s a street that vehicles drive along, it’s still part of the Fernridge Trail.

There are a lot of nice properties along the street. Executive acreages I believe they’re called. Including this cute yellow house that’s featured in a lot of Hallmark romance movies.

They were filming a Christmas movie here in August. I couldn’t take any photos because Cajun was nervous with all the movie trucks. Horseback riding isn’t as easy as it looks with a difficult horse.

Let’s get off the road and go horseback riding through the trails! Yeehaw!

I can get a little peek at McLean Pond, but horses aren’t allowed on this trail. 😢

It takes about an hour to ride to Campbell Valley Park, where there’s a 7 mile (11 km) equestrian trail. If it’s a sunny weekend, it’s hard to find a place to park your horse and trailer. This Sunday, late morning, there’s plenty of room to park your rig.

Ride through the parking lot and onto the Shaggy Mane Trail.

The cross country jumps are only open when there’s an event going on.

Ride back down the trail to the parking lot/barn area. No horses are kept here. The barn is just for storage.

There’s a Spirit of the Horse Memorial Garden.

Riding back to the stable, I’ve been watching these two tiny houses being constructed.

Back at the stable, it’s time for apres ride. Cajun loves beet pulp!

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on October 3, 2021.


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