Hire Me!

If you’ve read this far, you know a little bit about me. Now how about you? You’re passionate about growing your business and reaching more readers. You wear so many hats in your business that the writing cap keeps sliding off your head. You don’t have the time, energy, or idea factory to write a blog post and keep writing more blog posts so your audience comes back to see what’s new.

That’s where I come in. I’m your go-to-gal for your writing needs so you can spend your valuable time running your business

For your writing needs, read more about me at www.cherylrhodes.com

If you have a special event, like a wedding with horses, and need a cowgirl to help out, contact me for more information. I’ve owned horses most of my life and I’ve worked in the horse racing industry. That is until I got tired of risking life and limb! If you need a companion to join you at horse races, polo matches, or other horse themed events, give me a shout. I’m also available for house and pet sitting. Have passport, will travel. Rates charged are transportation, accommodation, plus a per diem.


Need a travel companion? Strictly platonic! I’m an experienced traveler and cruiser and I love exploring new places. If you’re traveling with a senior who can’t be left alone, I’m your gal! You can head out on a zipline tour and know your loved one is in my capable, caring hands. I can push a wheelchair, and probably fold it up and stow it in a car too if it’s not too heavy. I can remind and set out medications. I’m  not a personal care aid, just a fun companion, so you can spend a day alone with no worries. If you’re able-bodied and just want a companion to join you on a vacation so you’re not going solo, I’m there for you. Give me a shout.

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