Happy Saturday! Happy weekend! How’s everyone doing?

We’ve been having a nice, sunny week here in the Greater Vancouver Area, though temperatures are still hovering around freezing overnight. Today it got up to 15C or about 60F so pretty nice day.

Are you knocking off the list of 6 easy things you should do when you turn your clocks ahead?


I started my day dealing with my mattress, only to get a surprise when I tried to flip it over. I just bought this mattress in October, 2020, and I didn’t want a pillow top so I could flip the mattress and keep the divots even. This mattress had fabric on the top and along the sides and I never thought to check the bottom, thinking it was fabric all around.


The mattress bottom has some sort of synthetic rubber-like material, not fabric. I pushed on it, wondering what it would be like to sleep on, and decided probably not too comfortable. In the end I just switched the mattress around. Header now the footer and vice versa.

It’s a hybrid mattress, combo of coils and foam. Unfortunately not as cushy as the one I tried in the store, just a little too firm for my liking. I did the usual stuff to try to soften it, like mostly stomping and jumping on it. Although that was semi-fun, I ended up putting the mattress topper on it that I bought last year to try to extend the life of my old, sagging mattress.

I bought it from Amazon, same brand as the one in the ad below. (Disclosure: I’m an Amazon affiliate. If you click and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission for the referral.) My topper doesn’t have the lavender scent, but it has the 5 zone memory foam and it’s very comfortable. And reasonably priced. Way cheaper than buying a new mattress. A memory foam mattress topper is definitely worth considering if your mattress is getting uncomfortable but money is tight.

Seeing as how I had to turn the mattress around, that meant taking off the sheets and washing them. Today is the first day in 2021 that I’ve been able to hang my laundry on my clothesline. There’s just something refreshing about sheets that have been air dried.

However, they didn’t go back on my bed. I have my other sheet set on there. I alternate the bed sheets with each wash.


Here are the things I do on Daylight Savings Time weekend:

  1. Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
  2. Check flashlight batteries
  3. Flip mattress
  4. Wash window sills
  5. Clean the fridge
  6. Change furnace filter

I pushed the button on the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and all good, they beeped, they work. Actually I knew a couple of weeks ago my smoke detector was in good working order. It kept going off when I opened the oven door. How embarrassing is that!? And no, nothing was burning.

My flashlight batteries are good. Our power went out for about an hour three weeks ago so I had to put my flashlights into action.

After I turned the mattress and put a fresh mattress protector on, I got to work wiping down the three window sills in my bedroom.

My entire house has a lot of windows and gets a lot of light in here, except for the hallway. I didn’t do the other windows today. The living room/kitchen is the worst ahead of me. There are five windows in here. Two are very big, one is big, and the others are medium to small. Those dirty sills will still be there tomorrow.

As for the furnace filter, mine is washable and my landlord takes care of it because it’s kind of fussy to get the filter in and out. He cleaned it not too long ago.


I cleaned the fridge! Yay! Some might argue that cleaning the fridge is not easy. Well, yeah, it is. It’s just time consuming to take everything out, wipe it all down, and put it back together again. It’s not hard labor. I didn’t find any fridge experiments but I threw away a few things that had expired or I no longer wanted to eat or drink.

One of life’s unexplained mysteries: How does dog hair get inside my fridge?

The dog’s not snooping around in there. I don’t hold the fridge door open for extended periods. Is there just enough dog hair floating around in the house that when I open the door, it’s like a magnetic force that draws it in? Generally the dog hair lives on the bottom layer of the fridge, beneath the fruit and vegetable drawers.

Can you imagine what it looks like underneath the fridge? A couple of months ago I asked my landlord if he could help pull the fridge out so I could clean that area. He gave it a tug and realized it wasn’t going to slide easily out of its cupboard area, and gave up.


After I took care of laundering the sheets, I headed to the farm to feed and ride Cajun.

Greenhawk Guilty of False and Misleading Advertising - Again!

I spotted a heron and tried to take pictures with my iPhone. Usually the herons fly off before I get my phone out.

Cajun didn’t want to stand nicely while I snapped some photos, though I got a couple. The bird’s in the center of the shot, standing in one of the creeks on the property.

I managed to get a close up before Cajun decided to walk off.

When I turned back, the heron flew off. No shot of that. But … there was another heron standing in the creek on the other side of the drive. I even managed to get a couple of close ups, with Cajun still not happy about standing still.

Then I thought it would be kind of cool to get a shot of the heron framed between Cajun’s ears. Except Cajun wasn’t too thrilled with that plan. Though, in his defense, all he could feel was me moving the reins around while holding my phone to take a photo, so his excuse would be he’s getting mixed messages.

I’m getting closer. The horse’s left ear is kind of pointing at the heron.

I tried again to frame that heron but Cajun puts his head up at the last second and I don’t see the heron.

Now I’m pretty sure I’ve got that heron framed where I want him and head back to the barn. Only to discover Cajun is having a bad hair day and stray forelock mane is blocking the heron. But at least I know the bird is there!

I packed a lunch and after the ride, I ate and enjoyed the sun.

At least today went a lot better than Daylight Savings weekend 2019. Click the banner below for a recap of that story.

Happy change your Clocks Ahead Weekend

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

This article was published on The LIfestyle Digs on March 13, 2021.

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