Happy change your Clocks Ahead Weekend

Happy Saturday! How’s everyone doing this weekend? Good, I hope! Today I’m enjoying a cool, but sunny, day. Big improvement after the freezing temperatures and snow we’ve seen a lot of over the past 6 weeks.

Are you knocking off your list of 6 things to do when you turn your clocks one hour ahead?

I’ve knocked off 3 on the list so far! I’m halfway there! Who feels like bringing out a little Bon Jovi to celebrate?

Who remembers the big hair of the 80s?

I’ll wait until bedtime to change my clocks, but so far today I’ve flipped my mattress, checked the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and checked the batteries. Later today I’ll start cleaning out the fridge.

Today has just been one of those days. You know what it’s like. Everything goes wrong or goes weird. Like, is it a full moon? I had to check the Space website, and the answer is no. The next full moon is about 10 days away.

Waking up too early

I woke up this morning before 6:30am. Great. I don’t get many days to sleep in. I can hear my dog Shadow whining.

She’s normally a quiet dog, so I figure she must need to go potty really bad.

Or there’s a squirrel running around the deck.

And then I smell it. You know how it is. You hope that smell is just the dog farting. Chica is in the bedroom with me, and she’s a little stinker.

I get up, and pull clothes on, hoping it’s just one of the dogs being stinky, but the smell increases as I get to the living room. In the semi-darkness I can see some deposits.

Terrific. Happy Saturday!

I take Shadow out to the pasture pretty quickly and she has diarrhea. I sort of figured that out from the mess in the living room.

Back in the house, I fed the dogs and then got back into bed for a bit before tackling the mess. This is putting a damper on my plans to make raspberry oatmeal muffins for breakfast.

No one wants to do this clean up

(Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link, you’ll be taken to Amazon and if you make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission for the referral.)

Paper towels took care of the 4 deposits in the living room. I put my Bissell Little Green Pet Machine into action to handle the carpet clean up. The one I have, I don’t see on Amazon, but this Little Green machine is pretty close. It was under consideration for me to buy it because I didn’t see much difference between the two Little Green machines. They both clean up stains. Check out the one in the ad, and the next time you’re in a department store or hardware store, see if you can find the Little Green Pet Machine.

I fill up the container to the water level, I add in Bissell Pet Oxy Boost to remove stains and odors.

Then I added more issell carpet cleaner, fill to the line. Again, I don’t see exactly what I used on Amazon, but I got it from Amazon Canada. It was also more specifically for cleaning pet messes.

Yup, I’ll be needing to buy some more!

Before I bought the Little Green Pet Machine, I did “buy” an upright carpet cleaner from Walmart, except they never delivered it and I got stuck dealing with the worst customer service ever at Walmart Canada.

Hands on laundry

After the clean up, I managed to bake muffins and make a spicy apple green tea smoothie for breakfast. I was also doing laundry on my sheets I took off the bed when I flipped it. I live in a small space and have a portable washing machine that I bought from Amazon. The model I have looks to be discontinued, but this one is very similar.

It does small loads so I can wash one sheet and one pillowcase at a time. That’s two loads there. It’s a very hands on machine. A hose connects to the sink to fill with water, but I also use a bucket that I fill in my bathtub to hurry along the process. I set the wash cycle for 12 minutes. When it’s done, I put the laundry into the spin basket, 4 or 5 minutes, and it does a great job of almost getting things dry, To drain, I put a hose in a bucket, and then dump it into the sink. So like I say hands on, you got to keep an eye on the draining water. And then do it all once more with fresh water rinse. So it takes awhile.

Blowing in the breeze

Fortunately, today it’s sunny so I have the sheets on the line. I also did a third load with the duvet cover. And then just awhile ago one more load with the mattress protector.

But just think of all the money I’m saving by not going to the laundromat!

It’s a big improvement from when I woke up yesterday morning to take the dogs outside. I was dismayed to see it snowing! Thick wet snow that only fell for a couple more hours, but it did cause traffic problems while it lasted. When will the weather get warmer? Today is the first time in months that I’ve used my clothesline. Usually my bathroom doubles as the clothes drying area.

Off to the horses

When my laundry is done, I head off to the farm to feed my horses. I also let them graze on the upper pasture. It’s not fenced, but I sit outside watching them and reading my Kindle. When they’ve had enough, they go back to the barn.

Well, they’d had enough after 5 minutes. I picked up my camp chair and followed them, only to discover they were walking down the driveway towards the house at the back of the property.

I yelled “Whistler”. Normally he’ll stop and come back to me, but he kept on going. It was actually my little troublemaker, Cajun, that was leading the charge.

When they saw me walking down the driveway after them, they started running. Fortunately, they stopped before entering the yard of the house at the back of the property and veered off into the adjacent pasture, which borders the big field they’re in. I thought they were walking back in my direction, and then they turned and this time they galloped onto the back property. I followed them and they got around me and galloped off.

What’s got into these horses? Whistler is 29 years old and neither of them are overly energetic. As I was walking back the driveway, I saw them run out the back door of the barn and into their pasture. Good! That’s usually what they do without the detour around the back of the property. I can only hope they don’t go back inside the barn and out the door leading to the driveway.

Fortunately they’re thirsty after all that running and are drinking out of the rain barrel at the back door.

Oh, this whole time I’m dragging a very reluctant Shadow along with me on her leash.

I reach the horses and they’re puffing away from their run, but I manage to close the barn door so they can’t go inside and take off their halters. I kept an eye on them from inside the barn for awhile. After they’d drank the water they needed, they both rolled in the mud and then went back to grazing.

All’s well here, so I can go grocery shopping.

Kamikaze Bambi

I’m heading to Walmart first because of that darn Shadow I need to give her something bland to eat. Chicken it is. I’m a vegetarian, but I can buy a small tray of sliced chicken breasts. Shadow is a picky eater, but she likes them, judging from the last round we did this. The problem is Chica gets jealous that Shadow is getting something better to eat.

It’s a 6 or 7 minute drive from the horse farm to Walmart, and I encounter Kamikaze Bambi.

Poor little guys. Their habitat is being taken over by all these developments and subdivisions.

So that’s how my day’s been going.

Now, back to tackling that fridge….



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