Yay! I got my Covid-19 Vaccine at the Cloverdale Rec Centre in Surrey!

In British Columbia we have to register online to get our Covid-19 vaccinations.

If you’re looking for that link, go here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/vaccine/register

You can also register by phone, but most people are registering online. Registering means signing up so that when your age group is up, you will receive an email or text message that you can now book an appointment.

About two weeks after I registered, I received an email on Friday, April 23, 2021 with the link to book my appointment. The first available slot was nearly a week later, on Thursday April 29, 2021 at 7:40pm at the Cloverdale Recreation Centre, which is inside the Cloverdale Fairgrounds.

After booking an appointment, the instructions are to print out a sheet that has a QR code and bring that to the immunization clinic.


The closest immunization clinic to me is at the Cloverdale Rec Centre: 6188 – 176 Street, Surrey, BC. This is on the corner of 62 Avenue and 176 Street. There are traffic lights here.

62 Avenue is where the backstretch workers for the Fraser Downs horseracing access the barn area. There is also an Agriplex back there and the set of the Superman and Lois TV show. Traffic around here can get busy, and there are traffic flag persons on the street directing people to parking spots.


I was instructed to arrive a little early for my appointment, and drove into the Cloverdale Fairgrounds via 62nd Avenue around 7:30pm on Thursday evening, April 29, 2021.

There’s a sign on the street that says “no walk ins” and “appointments only”.

No jumping the line up for your Covid vaccine!

It’s not busy so the traffic control people aren’t on the street. They’re in the parking lot making sure that people drive out the exit, instead of driving back out the entrance when they’re done!

I got out of my car wearing a face mask and a face shield, and followed the signs that directed me to enter the Covid-19 vaccination clinic at the south end of the Surrey Rec Centre building.


As I walked up to the immunization clinic entrance, there’s a sign outside the building that says the vaccine that is being used that day.


Whew! I was really hoping that I’d receive the Pfizer vaccine. You don’t know until you show up at the vaccination clinic which vaccine is being use that day.


When I walked into the building, a staff member asked if I had an appointment and directed me towards a woman holding a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Once I got a squirt of hand sanitizer, I was directed into another room that is used as a gym when the Surrey Rec Centre is open. I stood in line waiting to check in for my vaccine appointment.

On the floor there are stickers with feet that say “stand here” that are placed a safe distance apart. The bozo standing in line behind me was crowding me.

Like what the hell buddy!?

The instructions seem simple enough. Stand on the sticker with the feet. These same stickers are used at other places around the immunization clinic.

I’m given a clipboard with health questions to answer. Mainly about allergies or history of fainting after getting a vaccine.

When it was my turn to check in, I gave the clerk the paper with my QR code and she thanked me. Scanning the QR code makes the check in so much faster, but most people don’t bring it.

From check in, I stood in another line up, again with the floor sticker that says “stand here”.

The line slowly moved forward into another room (gym) where the immunizations were taking place. There was a sign at the door that confirmed today’s vaccine is Pfizer.

I stood in this line for about 20 minutes, so I’ve now been inside the building about half an hour.


The line up moves about six people at a time into the immunization room, and around 8pm, I’m ushered in.

There are many rows of chairs, kind of like sitting in a classroom. And I’m at the front of the class! That sucks because I can’t observe anyone else getting their vaccine without being really obvious and turning around to stare!

Most of the rows of chairs are empty, but obviously they’re set up to take larger groups of people to be immunized at the same time. There are probably about 50 of us waiting to receive a vaccine or have recently been vaccinated.

I’m surprised to see Surrey Fire and Rescue staff giving the vaccine.


After sitting there waiting for about ten minutes, a woman checks my health card and asks if I have any questions.

Soon a firefighter rolls up beside me and asks which arm I’d prefer receiving the vaccination.

That would be my left arm, the side he already was on.

I turn my head because I don’t want to watch the needle going in.

“OK, you’re done,” he says. “Can you hold this until I put a bandage on?”

“This” being a piece of cotton batton.

Hunh? What just happened here?

I didn’t feel a thing!

Firefighter gives me a sticky note with his phone number on it.

Ha ha! NO! Just kidding!

The sticky note said “8:27”. That was how long I had to wait there – fifteen minutes – before leaving. This is to make sure I’m not having a bad allergic reaction to the vaccine.


The whole process from arriving at the parking lot until walking out the door of the Cloverdale Rec Centre was about one hour.

I hope this post has answered any questions about what happens if you, too, are getting a Covid-19 vaccine at the Cloverdale Rec Centre.


While I was putting in my 15 minutes after the Covid vaccine, I read the material about possible side effects after the vaccine. Yup, a little light reading to kill the time.

So far I’m not feeling any huge symptoms from having the Covid-19 vaccine. Just what I’ve had with various other vaccinations over my life.

Namely, my left upper arm is a little sore and stiff.

Symptoms like the sore arm should go away in a couple of days. However, the pamphlet also said some symptoms might take a few days to show up.

Obviously, I’m hoping no more symptoms show up!

Have you had a Covid-19 vaccination? Did you have any side effects?

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on April 30, 2021.


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  1. Thanks for this. I have an appointment tomorrow so it’s interesting to read what the process will be like.

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