Hello everyone! Are you looking for some free Kindle novels this weekend, May 18, 2019?

Free Kindle Novels weekend of May 18, 2019

I just spotted a few of my favorite kindle novels that are free this weekend on Amazon – today being Saturday May 18, 2019.

Just a shut out to my Canadian readers – Happy Victoria Day long weekend! Woo hoo! It’s time to pick up some great weekend reading for free!

Always double check the price before hitting the “buy now” button on Amazon. Some of these novels migrate to their regular price without warning! Right now these kindle novels are free during the weekend of May 18, 2019.

Joann Bassett

Have you guys read the Islands of Aloha Mystery Series? I love this series! Takes place on the Hawaiian Islands, if the aloha didn’t give it away.

Lucky Beach is not part of that series. Sigh, too bad. But it is free this weekend. Joann Bassett has turned her writing more to chick lit/women’s fiction. Lucky Beach is not my favorite novel of hers, but it’s still a good read and you can’t beat the price! A lottery winner buys a house on Maui, a dead body is found in her backyard, and she’s the main suspect. Yikes!

I chatted about this book on a previous post on what I was reading.

Cindy Sample

Dying for a Date is still kicking around for free this weekend! This is the first of the Laura McKay hilarious cozy mystery series. I’ve read them all! They take place in North central California, though some of the other novels have gone to Reno and even a cruise. I also subscribe to the author’s newsletter. Get it while you can. Great price!

And while it’s not free, the sixth in the series, Dying for a Diamond is on sale this weekend for .99¢, so it’s a good deal if you’ve become a fan of this writer. This is the novel that takes place on a Caribbean cruise.

Elise Sax

Author Elise Sax has a few Kindle books on free this weekend. She writes romantic comedy and mysteries. I haven’t read all these freebies yet, but I do have them downloaded on my Kindle. Don’t miss out!

MZ Kelly

Warning! Hollywood Assassin is a very violent novel. Just about every bad, violent crime that can be committed happens in this book. This is the first of the Hollywood Alphabet series. These are thriller novels. This series follows Hollywood detective Kate as she solves high profile murders. Love the relationships she has with her police dog and her best friends. I wanna be their friends too! I’ve read up to P in the series, Hollywood Prisoner. I was getting ready to buy Hollywood Quest two years ago, maybe two and a half years ago and the author jacked the price up from $3.99 to $5.99. Not bad for the price, because these are very long, very vividly described novels, but there are a lot of good novels out there that I can buy cheaper. Or even better – free!

I’d actually recommend downloading the books 1,2,3 volume because it’s free this weekend and you’ll be reading the first three novels in the Hollywood Alphabet Series. Excellent deal!

Cheryl Bradshaw
If you liked the Cheryl Bradshaw novel I recommended for free the last time, she has a different novel free this weekend, Hickory Dickory Dead.

Deborah Coonts

Wanna Get Lucky is free again this weekend! The Lucky O’Toole Adventure series stars the daughter of a brothel owner. She’s moved on to a slightly more legit business and runs a Las Vegas hotel. If you’re a fan of Sin City, put this novel, Wanna Get Lucky, on your list. I’ve read a few in the series. More on my to be read list.

Liliana Hart

Being a teacher and a stripper didn’t work out for Addison Holmes, so she’s now going to try being a private investigator. Whiskey Rebellion is the first in the series, I’ve read them all. This novel will keep you laughing at the predicaments Addison gets herself into.

I hope some of these free Kindles make it to your reading list. Let me know what you think. You can’t beat these weekend prices!

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