Free Kindle Novels Weekend of June 5, 2020

Hey friends! Happy weekend! I’ve found some free books on Amazon Kindle this weekend that are free. Yay! Most of my reading tastes tend to run cozy mysteries, mysteries, and thrillers. If that’s not your thing … sorry:(

I love getting free things and I’ve spotted some novels that I liked reading that are free right now. I’d like you to get them while you can! Mostly I wanted to let you know about Amy Vansant’s great deal!

You don’t need a Kindle to read books for free. For years I did most of my eBook reading on my iPad where I downloaded the Kindle app – free! You can download the Kindle app onto your tablet, Smartphone, or your computer so you too can read for free. Amazon will help you find your way. Under the buy now option, Amazon has a little banner that says “Read on any device.” Click it and follow the instructions on where you’d like to read books.

Always double check the price before hitting the “buy now” button on Amazon. Some of these novels migrate to their regular price without warning! Right now these kindle novels are free during the weekend of June 5, 2020.

(Disclosure: I’m an Amazon associate and earn a small commission when you click on Amazon links on this site and make a purchase. These Kindle novels are currently free, therefore I won’t receive commission for making these referrals.)

Amy Vansant

The Pineapple Port Mysteries are one of my favorite series. It’s about a year since I’ve seen Pineapple LIes offered for free so grab it while you can if you’re new to this series. Charlotte has lived in the retirement commurity of Pineapple Port in Florida since she was a child and her grandmother took her in. After grandma died, the residents became her caregivers. When she finds a body buried in her back yard, Charlotte enlists the help of the quirky residents of Pineapple Port to solve this mystery. I’ve read the entire series. I believe book #10 in the series has just been released, which usually has the author putting the first in the series on deal to attract new readers. Get it while the price is right!

Cheryl Bradshaw

If you’ve been following whenever I list one of Cheryl Bradshaw’s Sloane Monroe series that is on for free, you’re in luck this weekend! Hush Now Baby is free. A baby is stolen from a crib and mom has been shot and killed. It’s up to Sloane Monroe to get to the bottom of this one. A little disclaimer here. I’ve read the entire Sloan Monroe mystery series and this is the only novel I didn’t like and found it boring. I thought Sloane had sunk into a really dark place in her head. Anyway, if you’re following the series, don’t miss up the chance to grab one for free.

MZ Kelly

Warning! Hollywood Assassin is a very violent novel. Just about every bad, violent crime that can be committed happens in this book. This is the first of the Hollywood Alphabet series. These are thriller novels. This series follows Hollywood detective Kate as she solves high profile murders. Love the relationships she has with her police dog and her best friends. I wanna be their friends too! I’ve read up to P in the series, Hollywood Prisoner. I was getting ready to buy Hollywood Quest three years ago and the author jacked the price up from $3.99 to $5.99. Not bad for the price, because these are very long, very vividly described novels, but there are a lot of good novels out there that I can buy cheaper. Or even better – free!

Toby Neal

If you like crime suspense that takes place on Hawaii, you’ll like Toby Neal’s books. I’ve read several of the Paradise Crime Mysteries featuring police detective Lei Teixeira, but I prefer another series the author writes, the Paradise Crime Thrillers. Yup, choosing very similar names for two different series can be confusing. Anyway, I haven’t read Twisted Vine yet, but I have downloaded it on my Kindle. And I recommend you do so, too, while it’s free!

Nick Loper

In some of my posts, I encourage finding other work to help cover bills, pay down debt, and save for retirement. Check out The Side Hustle. It’s a how-to book about turning your side hustle into income. So far I’ve implemented one suggestion in the book and signed up with Amazon Merch to design t-shirts. Even if the advice isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong when the price is currently free! Maybe it’ll get the ball rolling for you to look for ways to earn extra income.

Harper Lin

And rounding out today’s free Kindles is another one I haven’t read yet, but I’ve downloaded it because it looks pretty good! Sweets and a Stabbing is about a woman who goes through a messy divorce and decides to sell cupcakes out of a food truck. I can kind of relate, except I never followed through with the whole food truck thing! And somehow I think right now would be a very bad time to get into the food industry. Anyway it looks like a good read, and you can’t beat the price – free!

I hope some of these free Kindle books make their way onto your device. You sure can’t complain about the current prices! Let me know what you think. Happy reading this weekend!

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