Hello friends! Are you looking for some free Kindle novels this weekend, July 5, 2019?

Free Kindle Novels Weekend of July 5, 2019

I love getting free things and I’ve spotted some novels that I liked reading that are free right now. I’d like you to get them while you can!

You don’t need a Kindle to read books for free. For years I did most of my eBook reading on my iPad where I downloaded the Kindle app – free! You can download the Kindle app onto your tablet, Smartphone, or your computer so you too can read for free. Amazon will help you find your way. Under the buy now option, Amazon has a little banner that says “Read on any device.” Click it and follow the instructions on where you’d like to read books.

Always double check the price before hitting the “buy now” button on Amazon. Some of these novels migrate to their regular price without warning! Right now these kindle novels are free during the weekend of July 5, 2019.

Amy Vansant

I love Amy’s cozy mystery Pineapple Port series. Can you believe this deal? Pineapple Pack II – Books 4, 5, and 6 in the series – free! Woo hoo! Definitely get them while you can. I didn’t like Book 5 as much as the rest of the series because it departed its usual Florida location.

Now, be very careful before you buy this. Even though the price is showing 0.00 on Amazon, the image is coming up below at $6.99. So click, CHECK THE PRICE (!), and if the Kindle price comes up as 0.00 then buy it now with one-click. Free is an excellent deal. These books normally sell for $3.99 each.

Deborah Coonts

Lucky Double, the first two books in the Lucky Vegas collection are free this weekend. Lucky is the customer relations manager at a hotel. Her mother owns a bordello outside town and the novels have lots of fun stuff going on.

Cheryl Bradshaw

If you’ve enjoyed some of the other Sloane Monroe novels that I’ve been recommending when I see them pop up for free, don’t miss Book 5 in the series, Bed of Bones.

Cindy Sample

I can’t believe Book 1 of the Laurel McKay cozy mysteries is still kicking around for free this weekend! If you haven’t picked it up already, grab it now and get ready to laugh! This series takes place in Northern California and recently divorced Laurel has signed up with a matchmaking service.

Toby Neal

I just grabbed a 3 book bundle bundle of the Paradise Crime Thrillers for free! I just started reading it, so can’t say for sure if I’ll like it or not, but I’ve read other novels by Toby Neal, and they take place in Hawaii, so I’m sure this set will work out for me.

Enjoy! Happy reading!


  1. And l missed this! I am so far behind in everything..haha! Glad you were able to pick up some good stuff. I always love it when l can get a freebie Kindle read.

    1. Oh well! Maybe next time! Actually a lot of the cozy mysteries I read the first book in the series often comes on for free. A great marketing strategy. Hook the reader with the first book and they’ll buy the rest of the series. Works on me! I’m halfway through the 3 book box set of the Paradise Crime Thrillers set above and am loving it! I’ve read some of this writer’s other books and I’m enjoying this series much more. So I think he’s going to make some more sales off me!

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