Free Kindle Novels Weekend of February 29, 2020!

Hey, happy leap year day! Today is February 29, 2020 and I’ve found some free books on Amazon Kindle this weekend that are free. Yay!

I love getting free things and I’ve spotted some novels that I liked reading that are free right now. I’d like you to get them while you can!

You don’t need a Kindle to read books for free. For years I did most of my eBook reading on my iPad where I downloaded the Kindle app – free! You can download the Kindle app onto your tablet, Smartphone, or your computer so you too can read for free. Amazon will help you find your way. Under the buy now option, Amazon has a little banner that says “Read on any device.” Click it and follow the instructions on where you’d like to read books.

Always double check the price before hitting the “buy now” button on Amazon. Some of these novels migrate to their regular price without warning! Right now these kindle novels are free during the weekend of February 29, 2020.

(Disclosure: I’m an Amazon associate and earn a small commission when you click on Amazon links on this site and make a purchase. These Kindle novels are currently free, therefore I won’t receive commission for making these referrals.)

MZ Kelly

If you’re watching for when a book in the Hollywood Alphabet Thriller Series goes up for free, you’re in luck this weekend with Hollywood Jury. Follow Detective Kate Sexton and her police dog Bernie as they solve this latest Hollywood homicide.

Cindy Sample

Lucky Leap Year Day! Book 1 of the Laurel McKay cozy mysteries is kicking around for free this weekend! If you haven’t picked it up already, grab it now and get ready to laugh! This series takes place in Northern California and recently divorced Laurel has signed up with a matchmaking service. Authors quite often kick starts sales by offering the first book free. Worked on me! I’ve read them all.

And just a referral fee disclosure here, if you really like the first book, right now books 1 through 3 are on sale in a boxed set for 99¢! Yes! Get it while you can because the books normally sell for $2.99 each! Just careful before you buy to make sure of the price. The boxed set sells for $4.99 so check before you click if you’re planning to buy.

 Connie Shelton

If you like cozy mysteries that take place in New Mexico or if you like bakeries, Sweet Masterpiece will be a good choice. Samantha Sweet takes care of cleaning up foreclosed properties while trying to get a bakery business off the ground.

Also check out Deadly Gamble, about a PI who helps her friend find her missing watch before her husband finds out it’s missing. Did she leave it at her lover’s house? And yikes! Who murdered him a couple of days later?


Sally Berneathy

If you love chocolate as much as I do, you’ll love this delicious novel! Lindsay is making a break from her ex-husband and opens a chocolate bakery. A stalker, poisoned chocolate, a quirky neighbor, and a dead man make this cozy mystery a lot of fun.


Nick Loper

In some of my posts, I encourage finding other work to help cover bills, pay down debt, and save for retirement. Check out The Side Hustle. It’s a how-to book about turning your side hustle into income. So far I’ve implemented one suggestion in the book and signed up with Amazon Merch to design t-shirts. Even if the advice isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong when the price is currently free! Maybe it’ll get the ball rolling for you to look for ways to earn extra income.


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