1. Yep! My plans are exactly like yours, at least the first 5. The 6th one doesn’t apply and it is extremely important to figure out your finances. I always find it amazing when l find people who don’t seem to know or care about money. It’s so easy to fall into debt if you don’t get a handle on things.

    1. Well the TFSA is a Canadian product, so fill in the blank if you have a similar registered savings plan in your country! It’s a very simple financial plan for right now. In the past I’ve designated money to a travel fund every month, but that’s on hold.

      I remember the collections department in the credit union I worked for phoning people reminding them they’re overdue on loan repayments, and their answer would go along the lines of they don’t know what happened, the money was in the bank account. Simply speaking, the money got spent. So yes, important to know where your money is going in order to meet your financial obligations, save for retirement, and have a little fun.

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