Welcome to England where the bizarre and quirky meet!

Maybe it’s culture shock or maybe I just spot strange stuff and take photos. Today’s post features photos of the bizarre and quirky things I’ve seen in England.

Culture differences. This might all be very normal to the British.

This post will be updated as I come across more quirky stuff!

Food stuff

Yes, that’s camel milk I spotted on the shelf at a grocery store. Not that I think camel milk is a product of England, but it’s something I’ve never seen before at the local Walmart or Save On Foods!

And then there’s canned raspberries and strawberries! The homeowner of my first housesit in London thought I’d like them and bought them for me.

Do you know what these tasted like? If you’re old enough to remember, we used to buy frozen strawberries that came in a cardboard package with a tin lid that we opened with a can opener. They were frozen in syrup and completely defrosted being using. This is how these canned raspberries and strawberries tasted. They’re not completely awful, just mooshy like how those defrosted berries in syrup tasted.

Scotch eggs will never be a thing for a vegetarian.

The McFlurry in the U.S. and Canada is very different than the McFlurry in England. In England it’s just ice cream in a paper cup with the chosen topping sprinkled on top, not blended in.


I was quite surprised to see a self-serve defibrillator station set up on a London sidewalk.

What are the chances someone will have heart failure right at that spot and you can jump into action and grab the paddles and shock their heart into beating again?

I wish I’d taken a photo of the stolen defibrillator sign that was posted on the side of a pub. Apparently that thief has a regular need for a defibrillator!

And it has to suck if you need to make a phone call in Mudford.

And here’s another defibrillator on a wall of a community hall in Yeovil.

The British do eat a lot of rich food that includes salt, sauces, and deep fried dishes. Maybe heart attacks are more common here, therefore the defibrillators are stationed around towns.

Who are these folks?

There is some interesting art work in the Folkestone and Dover areas!

To me this looks like Queen Elizabeth has got hit men on either side of her!

A mermaid with land legs is just a naked lady. What do you think?

The artist of Standing Lady Hare with Dog was inspired by her body to create the lady parts on the hare.

It’s easy to miss this statue under the pier.

Quirky Bristol

I came across a few things in Bristol that caught my attention. The first is an emblem of Bob Hope at the St. George Park. Apparently Bob lived in Bristol for the first couple of years of his life before his family moved to America so they’ve recognized him with an emblem slapped on the entryway. I kept forgetting the name of the park so I just referred to it as the Bob Hope Park.

And here’s a bin where you can surrender your knives. The criminals of Bristol weren’t lining up to let go of their weapons.

If you need false eyelashes in a hurry, there’s a vending machine where you can purchase them!

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Here’s a sign outside an Asda grocery store in London. I don’t understand how they can be open 24 hours and have 7:30am to 10pm hours Monday to Saturday and shorter hours on Sunday.

Would you want to walk or drive across a weak bridge over the Avon River?

Now this sign is just sad that it has to be posted. I went in to have a massage, saw the sign, and snapped a pic. Maybe it’s why I had to pay before the massage. Back in Canada I paid after the massage treatment.

And let’s end up with a discussion on fly tipping!? How many ways can one tip a fly? Seems like the stuff jokes are made of.

Posted by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on August 30, 2023 and last updated on January 19, 2024. Will be updated as more quirk is spotted!

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