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After Oprah released her favorite things 2018, I figured I could do it too. Mine will be called Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs Favorite Things (fill in the year) and it would be an annual list.

Yeah, OK, sometimes I’m not so good on follow through! After a few years absence, I’ve resurrected the list for 2021!

Are you an Oprah fan?

I know who Oprah is. I’ve seen her show a handful of times. It used to be on in the afternoon. Pretty hard for us working girls to catch it, but on holidays I watched it occasionally.

I didn’t know Oprah puts out a list of favorite things, but I’m guessing this is an annual thing. I read her 2018 list of favorite things and also read the comments. They seem to go along the lines of “Get real Oprah. We can’t afford these things.”

Yeah, really, Oprah. $180 for popcorn? My clue that Oprah puts a list out like this on an annual basis is some of the comments said they liked her lists better when they included affordable items!

In 2018 Oprah had 107 favorite things on her list! Yikes! I’d have to really put some brain power in to come up with that many favorites!

In 2021 Oprah released her favorite things list early. The big difference is there are a more manageable 25 items on Oprah’s 2021 favorites list. The other big difference is that many items on her list are affordable, $100 and less. The real woman’s budget!

Just an update. On November 1, 2021 Oprah released her “real” Favorite Things 2021 and there are 110 favorites. And yes most of them have hefty price tags!

My Favorite Things

Generally speaking, my favorite things have four legs, a head, a tail, and they either bark or whinny! Other favorite things are experiences and making memories: taking a vacation, geocaching, horseback riding, walking my dogs, baking…

Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs Favorite Things 2018

My list isn’t as extensive as Oprah’s and mostly I’m recycling. My list includes things that I use around the house, clothes I wear, and items that make life a little easier for me. That’s why I’d like to share these things with my readers.

Unfortunately, a couple of items are on the pricey side, but they’re my favorite things and gives you a little more insight into my life.

Disclosure: I’m an Amazon affiliate and this post include Amazon links. If you click, you’ll be taken to Amazon’s website, and if you make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission for the referral.

My Favorite Kitchen Stuff

A few things that make my life a little easier are found in the kitchen.

Instant Pot

Yeah, I jumped on the Instant Pot wagon and it does make my life easier. I bought one because I’d been looking at replacing my rice cooker. A new rice cooker costs nearly the same as an Instant Pot – which has a rice cooker option! Bonus! My recommendation? Wait until Black Friday when the Instant Pot notoriously goes on sale each year. The model I purchased is in the above link. And yes, bought on Black Friday a few years ago.

Donut Pans

Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs Favorite Things 2018

If you love donuts but are concerned about fried foods and want a healthier option, baking them in the oven is the way to go! I have a two pack from Wilton, but most recipes I use are for 6 donuts, so I rarely bake more than that.

Check out my recipe for baked chocolate peanut butter donuts.

Favorite Clothes

I have a few items that I wear that are really comfortable and pretty much part of everyday living for me. I recommend giving them a try!

Amazon might not be the best place to buy these items because prices keep fluctuating. Sometimes in the buyer’s favor! I’ve seen boots for half price and for double and triple the price.

Ariat Fatbaby Boots

My favorite Fatbaby boots are definitely watch out for the price. You go to Amazon and it might say something like the price ranges from $75 to $300. Use the drop down arrow to choose your shoe size, and as luck would have it, your size is probably on the high end of the price scale!


Generally speaking, if you can find Fatbaby boots for under $100, that’s a good price. If the price for your size sucks, go to Ariat’s website (I’m not an affiliate) and search for Fatbaby. Everything is under $100. Or at least it was at the time this post was written!

Levi’s 311 Shaping Skinny Jean

My go-to blue jeans! I love my Levi’s skinny jeans!

They help slim your tummy, so that’s a bonus for those of us who suffer from muffin top. There’s a bit of stretch to these jeans which is nice not to have them leaving an imprint on your stomach. Real jeans for real women.

If that’s not quite your thing, click here to check out the Levi’s store on Amazon and see other styles.

No Show Stretch Belts

For women whose weight is in flux, the best belt I’ve found is this No Show elastic stretch belt. It’s adjustable, like a seat belt thing, and says it goes from size 0 to 14. I’ve tried several similar belts and I find they’re either too skinny to hold up jeans, they fold over on themselves, or they get dirty. This one is a great price and if you’re dieting and finding your pants getting looser (yay!) this amazing little belt can be adjusted and does a great job of keeping your pants up. I like belts that move with me and don’t cinch me. It’s also nice not to have belt imprint belly!

I liked this belt so much I bought two more!


I bought these absolutely adorable socks on Amazon. Though if you’re not a horse lover, it might not rock your saddle – ha ha! They’re made by Wrangler and are very comfortable, and a decent price for a 3-pack.

Miss Lulu Bag

I bought the cutest horse print canvas bag made by Miss Lulu. It comes in other patterns as well, but being a horse lover, was there any doubt what I’d buy? It’s big enough to carry my iPad and roomy enough to pack other things. Inside has a zippered compartment. On the outside there’s a zipper compartment on one side and two pockets on the clasp side. A strap that I usually wear cross body as opposed to slinging over the same side shoulder. A great deal for under $20.

The photo below is the bag I bought the day it arrived. It didn’t stay that clean for long!

Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs Favorite Things 2018

Around the House

Here are a few things that help make my life a little easier or a little nicer.

Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

After 10 plus years I decided I needed a new towel set. Actually I’ve been thinking about that new towel set for at least two years. Sometimes it just takes me awhile to get going. Confessions of a procrastinator! The last towel set I bought from JC Penny, a really nice Egyptian blend. And of course, like many things I really like – they discontinued it.

I finally settled on a 6 piece towel set made by Pinzon. I got the plum, but they have different colors. Reasonably priced and they’re soft and plush. Absorbent, doing a good job. I did notice a loose thread on a hand towel, so the jury is still out whether they’ll last as long as my last set (which has now been designated for cleaning supplies). You can’t beat the price for the quality.

After a few years, these Amazon towels are still doing good! I noticed a couple of loose threads recently, but I’m not ready to buy more towels yet.


I have two low cost comforters that are great value.

Dealing with hot summer nights, I started looking around for a comforter that would be more comfortable than the one I was using. I found a good buy on a popular Amazon choice. It’s a microfiber lightweight comforter. There are several color combinations and I chose the comforter with plum on one side and light purple on the other side. It’s lightweight, about an inch thick. So far I’m liking it, but when we had a heatwave this past June, I found it too warm.

Aside from that – it’s perfect for me.

My other comforter I bought last summer because it was advertised as all seasons was too hot. However, it’s perfect for the colder months! It’s soft and comfy and comes in several colors. I chose blue.

Hot Water Bottle

Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs Favorite Things 2018

I have the cutest hot water bottle with a horse head fleece cover. Do you think I can find another one like it for sale on Amazon? No! Remember what I said about things I like being discontinued? I understand not everyone wants a hot water bottle with a horse themed cover. I found another cute pie hot water bottle that’s a great alternative at a good price. You can search around Amazon and find other prints on the hot water bottle covers.

Portable Washing Machine

I’ve always lived somewhere with a washer and dryer or took my laundry over to my parent’s house. when they were alive, and used their machine. After becoming single and moving, I now live in a place without laundry facilities. This means I take my clothes to a laundromat at around $10 or over to a generous friend’s house and take her to lunch or dinner as a thank you. After more than a year of doing this, I researched portable washing machines for people who live in small spaces, and bought one from Amazon! It saves me time and money. Though I don’t begrudge buying my friend a meal and spending time with her. I’m saying it saves money if a person has no alternative than to regularly use a laundromat.

If you live in a small place like an apartment or trailer without laundry facilities, this portable washer is a must have! It saves you time hauling your clothes to the laundromat, and money over the long run. I’ve been using mine for 5 years! Yes, I got it in October, 2016 and it’s still going strong. Break it down, that’s like $40 a year. How much money do you spend a year at the laundromat?

Clip and Drip

The clip and drip is an excellent complement to a portable washing machine. I clip my socks and underwear on it and then hang it on the shower rod. If it’s a warm day, I’ll hang it on a hook on my sundeck. Using this clip and drip, it frees up room on my clothesline for the rest of my laundry.

Just for fun, read my post on how you can’t hang your undies on the balcony in Spain.

Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug

Luck was with me one day at London Drugs and I bought a two pack of Contigo Autoseal Travel mugs that were on sale. Having two is helpful. While one mug is washed and in the drying rack, the other mug is ready to use.

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I mostly pack around iced tea in my Contigo and it stays cold for hours.

Here’s a review I did on YouTube. Watch the Contigo autoseal in action!

Fire 8

A few months ago my Kindle Fire 7 memory was full. It works, but I can’t download any more eBooks. The problem likely has to do with my email taking up too much memory. This Fire is a US version that I bought 3 or 4 years ago. The difference between the US and Canadian versions of the Fire have to do with Alexa not being on the Canadian Fire and a few other difference with audio.

Technology finally crossed the border and I decided to buy a Fire 8 (Hi Alexa!) with more memory so I’m back on track reading all I want! I didn’t connect it with my email, so I should be good.

It’s a lot cheaper than buying a new iPad! I used the Kindle app on my iPad for years. But then I started to get nervous about the iPad going missing if I’m traveling or taking it with me when I go out to the barn. I have a lot of notes saved on my iPad which would be annoying not to find to reference back to. Bottom line it’s a lot cheaper to replace a Kindle Fire than an Apple iPad.


And now that you have a new Fire 8, you need to get some reading material.

Subscribe to this blog to receive an email whenever there’s a new blog post. A recurring feature on this blog are free eBooks I’ve found on Amazon, so you don’t want to miss the next one! I also send out Tweets when I see books I enjoyed reading are currently free on Kindle.

Click the banner below to learn how to find free eBooks.

How to Get Free Kindle eBooks from Amazon, Smashwords, and Authors

I recommend a couple of books that can be read on Kindle written by financial expert David Bach.

You might be able to find these books at your library, so check them out there first.

The first book is called The Latte Factor: Why you Don’t have to be Rich to Live Rich, and it’s part story-telling with financial advice. Entertaining while educating is a great way to connect with readers!

The next book has a self-explanatory title: Smart Women Finish Rich. This is something we all strive for! David Bach has other “Smart” books available, but these two are his most recent. Or I should say he updated Smart Women, because the original was written about 20 years ago.

So there you have it. The list of Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs Favorite Things 2021.

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on October 26, 2021 and updated on November 1, 2021.

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