In November, 2021 I heard about a contest to win a free Cadbury Caramilk Salted Caramel chocolate bar. So don’t get too excited! The contest has long since ended!

Salted caramel was a new flavor that Cadbury Caramilk was introducing.

5000 chocolate bars were up for grabs. We had to go to the Cadbury website at a specific time to enter. All I remember was November, 2021 and the contest opened at noon Pacific Time. I came home for lunch every day at about quarter to 12, so perfect timing for me to enter. I set up two laptops in the living room and at noon I went to the website and got “try again”. This meant hitting the refresh button a few times on each computer.

Until… I read “Congratulations” and a form to fill in with my details.

Yay me! I think all the free chocolate bars were spoken for within 5 minutes.

A couple of months later my prize arrived in the mail. I opened the envelope and discovered I received free salted Caramilk 4369.

I’m a chocoholic. It is unknown to me why I didn’t open it up and gobble it down. Though I do remember buying a large salted Caramilk when I saw it on sale at the store, so I knew it was good. No hurry to eat the regular sized bar.

Instead it sat on my kitchen counter taunting me daily.

Eat that Caramilk!

The day finally arrived a year and a half later. I’m being called to eat that Cadbury Salted Caramilk chocolate bar.

It’s all part of eating the contents of my kitchen before leaving Canada.

One month to the day! On July 22 I’m leaving on a jet plane. On June 22 I will eat my free chocolate bar.

The plan has been hatched and I will record it.

What more can I say but yum, yum, yummy!

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on June 22, 2023.

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