Bliss with Horses

“You’re not getting any exercise. You’re just sitting there and the horse is doing all the work!”

Decades later I can still hear my mother mocking me as she stood safely several feet back from the fence, giving the stink eye to my teenage love, a Quarter Horse named Duchess. Mother was wrong. I was getting a full body work out whenever I was with my horse, and my mind was wiped clean of all my troubles, being replaced with happy thoughts. Bliss with horses. That’s what I’ve found.

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.

Being around horses is magical, soothing, and healing, especially to people who are lonely, having a bad day, or not feeling well. Our horses make us responsible for their comfort and wellbeing. No matter how bad we’re feeling we still have to feed them and tend to their needs. Sometimes they bring us out of our shells and bad moods and help us heal when they nudge us with their noses and look at us with their big, kind eyes. Our bodies are constantly moving when we’re around horses: cleaning stalls, hauling water, grooming, and riding. Working with horses exercises just about every muscle in our bodies, including our happiness zone. It’s how we find bliss with horses.

Horse ownership is doable in small towns and rural areas, but not in larger cities unless the owner has a high disposable income. Although horse ownership is not realistic for many people, here are 8 ways you can find bliss with horses.

1. Take riding lessons

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.

Prices fluctuate depending on location and whether the lesson is private or a group. Expect to pay upwards of $60/hour in the New York City area for a group lesson and $30 and up in the Phoenix area.

2. Book a trail ride

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.

Prices vary across the country. A 2-hour guided ride on Maui is $100 and up and a similar length ride in Colorado is around $60.

3. Lease or partial lease a horse

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.Leasing can be done privately directly with a horse owner or through programs offered by riding stables. This is a stepping stone for someone who wants to spend more time riding and working with horses before deciding on full ownership.

4. Volunteer at a horse rescue

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.

Usually a Google search for “horse rescue” and your city, state, or province will bring up a list. Volunteers are needed to assist with horse care, barn work, riding, and public relations.

5. Volunteer at a therapeutic riding center for the disabled

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.

An online search will bring up one or two facilities within driving distance for facilities that teach physically and mentally disabled persons how to ride a horse. Volunteers are needed for leading horses or walking alongside during riding sessions.

6. Look for riding buddy ads

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.

A person with several horses might need assistance exercising them, usually no strings attached, and no payment exchanges hands. It would be nice if you brought in carrots or a sack of grain.

7. Barter work for horse privileges

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.

Horse boarding stables and private farms might be open to negotiating lower rates in exchange for work. It never hurts to ask!

8. Hang out at a racetrack

Bliss with horses. 8 ways to spend more time with horses.

Walk around the barn area and chat to horsemen and women about their horses. Barn staff love talking about their horses and many owners and trainers are open to letting you pat, brush, or walk out their horses.


If you’re thinking of spending more time with horses, and you need any type of horse gear, I recommend HorseLoverz. They have excellent prices on horse tack and riding apparel and often have sales. (Disclosure: if you click the HorseLoverz banner and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission for the referral.)

Here are a couple of cute T-shirts on Amazon to show you’re a horse lover. (I’m an Amazon Associate and receive small commissions for referrals.) The socks are super comfy! Not to mention super cute with the horse prints! I’m wearing the grey ones from this three-pack right now!

Do you have any tips on how to find bliss with horses?

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  1. I love trail riding and love to book it whenever we go on holidays and it’s reasonably priced. I remember doing it with friends in Whistler. These horses are gorgeous. I really wish l could ride, I mean properly. P.S.. love those fat boots :-).

    1. Hi Kemkem. Ha ha, one of my horses is named Whistler! I haven’t been trail riding in Whistler. I’m about a 2 hour drive from there and I have horses at home I can ride, so Whistler is the place to ski and I’ve zip lined there. I love my Fatbaby boots but so far I haven’t worn them around horses. Don’t want them to get dirty!

  2. Where there is a will to ride, there is a way! I have a friend here in the city with me and I’m constantly finding her horses to exercise for free. It’s amazing what you can find when you put it out there!

    1. Raquel, that’s so true. Years ago I had a young lady from the Netherlands (I think) who was working as an au pair not too far from us. She came in one day and we chatted and she’s an experienced rider and asked if we had a horse she could pay us to ride. We didn’t charge her, but we did have a horse who needed more attention plus we were fostering horses for a Standardbred adoption program and she took a liking to one of them too. Perfect! And then she got married and that was the last we saw of her. You can always find a way to spend more time with horses.

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