Thanks for stopping by to read how BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots!

Who else has been hounded by government bureaucrats who leave their brains at the door when they show up for work? Overpaid paper pushers who can not and will not use common sense. When it comes to BC Medical Services Plan, I’m dealing with the village idiots.

Sit back and get ready for my lengthy rant.

BC Medical Services Plan

In British Columbia we have a government agency called the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Residents must pay a monthly premium for medical services. (Edited: there is no longer a monthly fee as of January 1, 2020. Thank you Premier Horgan and the NDP!) This fee covers doctor visits at their office or medical clinic, hospital emergency room, and hospital stays. This is mandatory. Residents can not opt out.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

The current premium costs $37.50 per person per month. Overall, fairly reasonable when you hear horror stories of how expensive medical costs are for people in the states. This does not include prescription medication, dentist, or eye doctors. You pay for those on your own. For low income earners, getting dental work is a luxury most of us can’t afford.

Premium Assistance

When you’re a low-income earner, scraping together $37.50/month can be prohibitive. Fortunately, MSP provides premium assistance that residents can apply for. Depending on your annual income, the premium can be adjusted to a lower amount. If your net income is between $26,000 and $42,000 there are several tiers where you’ll pay a smaller premium. If your net income is below $26,000, you don’t pay. Medical services are provided at no cost.

For most of my life I’ve been on premium assistance, and for most of the last 10 years I’ve been unemployed and don’t pay a premium for my medical services.

Who lies about divorce?

When the deadbeat and I split up, I went to the MSP website and filled out a form indicating the change to my coverage because I’m now recently separated with no income.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

The deadbeat was in hiding, though I suspected where he might be staying, I didn’t have an actual, confirmed address. I knew he was planning to leave Canada within the next few weeks, but I didn’t know the departure date. My lawyer told me when filing the legal documents to use his last known address, the house we had shared. We’d sold the house but I was renting it back short term from the new owners who’d bought it as an investment and weren’t planning to move in.

No mail for the deadbeat was showing up so I knew he’d paid Canada Post to forward it. MSP could have sent the deadbeat a letter to the current address they had on file and it would have been forwarded to him by the post office. This is what I had to do with the court documents.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

Imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks later I received a letter from the BC Medical Services Plan calling me a liar and saying they did NOT believe our relationship had ended. The lying MSP employee was too chickenshit to sign his/her name.

I mean what the hell??!! Who lies about stuff like that? Ending a relationship and going through the family court process is a very stressful time.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

BC Medical Services Plan hires the village idiots!

BC Medical Services Plan hires the village idiots who toss out absurd claims about relationship status. Suspicious nature or what? And apparently too lazy to pick up the phone and make a call. Or too busy pushing paper around trying to look busy. That’s what happens when the government hires the village idiots!


Like I don’t have enough stuff I’m dealing with, I have to add incompetent government bureaucrats to my stress.

What could I do? Nothing. It wasn’t like I could “prove” it until about a year later when I’d finished going through family court and received the papers.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

Life goes on

I just continued on with my life. When I moved to a new place, I went online to change the address for my driver’s license and the online form lets you update your medical services plan information at the same time. Quite easily done.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

The Village Idiots at BC Medical Services Plan ain’t done with me yet!

Two years later, I received another letter from the BC Medical Services Plan dated November 13, 2015, again from an MSP employee who was too chickenshit to sign their name. The letter said that because I hadn’t filed my taxes (2014 had to be filed by April 30), they couldn’t verify my income to continue to receive premium assistance, and were now charging me the full monthly premium. At that time the premiums were $72/month! Holy shit! They backdated it too.

Revenue Canada shares the net income with BC Medical Services Plan for the residents who have signed up for premium assistance. It’s my guess the MSP village idiots didn’t request my information that year, and instead took the easier path and told a big fat lie.

Since that time, our current NDP government has reduced the MSP premiums to $37.50/month. In 2020,there will be no more premiums for British Columbia residents. Hurray! We have a government in office that actually cares about the people!

Liars and idiots only need apply to MSP

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

The chickenshit employee at BC Medical Services Plan is a big fat liar. I’ve used the same accountant for years and my 2014 taxes were filed well before the April 30 deadline. I received my assessment from Revenue Canada dated April 27, 2015 plus a refund cheque.

Can any of the Village Idiots working at BC Medical Services Plan explain why Revenue Canada would issue me a tax refund if I didn’t file my 2014 taxes?

Try lying your way out of that one, village idiots!

Those MSP village idiots can’t back up their claim that I didn’t file taxes. If you’re a liar, I can see why you’d be too chickenshit to sign your name. But why lie about something that is so easy for me to prove?

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

And just for the record, at no time has Revenue Canada ever sent me a reminder to file my taxes! Revenue Canada has never accused me of not filing my taxes.

Only the Village Idiots working at BC Medical Services Plan have made that outrageous claim.

LOL! I’ve used the same accountant for many years. I’m a very responsible person. I suck at tax paperwork which is why I hire a professional to make sure it gets done correctly and filed on time.

There’s no reasoning with village idiots

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

So how does a person deal with these idiots at BC Medical Services Plan who accuse me of lying about the end of a 20-year relationship and accuse me of not filing my taxes? You can’t fight government bureaucrats.

On November 24, 2015 I sent an email to Terry Lake who back then was the elected official responsible for the medical services plan and I also copied in then premier, Christy Clark. I asked them to decide who’s telling the truth. Me, who has all the paperwork from my accountant and the assessment from Revenue Canada proving I filed my 2014 taxes, or the lying thug in their MSP office who’s too chickenshit to sign their name.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

Neither one of them had the courtesy to send me a response.

That’s the Liberal government for you. Not interested in helping the little people of British Columbia who can really use a hand. If you’re not a rich friend of the BC Liberal party, don’t expect to get anywhere.

Village idiots at BC MSP send more mail, not all addressed to me!

Eventually BC Medical Services Plan sent me an invoice for over $1000. I was unemployed. The deadbeat ex wasn’t paying support and I’d nearly run out of the small amount of money from the sale of the house just covering my basic living expenses. I don’t know where MSP thought I was going to come up with that kind of money.

Around this time MSP sent a letter to the deadbeat to my address. Like I need any reminders of that deadbeat! At no time has the deadbeat ever set foot at my current address or used my current address for his mail, and I’ve NEVER given anyone permission to send me the deadbeat’s mail.

I don’t want to hear his name.

I don’t want his shit in my house.

I don’t want nothing to do with him.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

The Village Idiots who work at BC MSP don’t get that.

Maybe they should read my post about how I lost over 200 pounds!

I wrote on the envelope to return to sender. Now remember, we’re dealing with Village Idiots who don’t understand what “not at this address” means. I received at least one more envelope from those MSP idiots addressed to the deadbeat and once again I sent it back. BC Medical Services Plan sent me a letter threatening to send my account to a collections agent if I didn’t pay the $1000 + in back premiums. I have no money to pay this. What’s a collection agency going to do? I’m unemployed, no assets, and the deadbeat is tens of thousands in arrears on support payments. Only a village idiot would think you can suck water from a stone.

My MLA to the rescue (or rather their staff)

I contacted my MLA, Member of the Legislative Assembly, the person elected in our jurisdiction to sit in the parliament house in Victoria and to help their constituents. They photocopied my Revenue Canada assessment proving I’d filed my 2014 taxes and contacted MSP on my behalf with this proof and got my premium assistance reinstated.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

They must have also managed to convince the Village Idiots at BC Medical Services Plan that I did not want to receive any more mail addressed to the deadbeat because nothing else has shown up.

That whole process cost me money because I ended up having to pay a notary to stamp a letter that MSP requested to accompany a copy of my 2014 tax assessment. It would have been nice for BC Medical Services Plan to refund that money to me, because this whole chain of events was caused by chickenshit employees who send out anonymous letters. If these lazy ass paper pushers actually put a little effort into doing their job properly, the letters should never have been sent.

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

And I ask you – what’s quicker to do? Write a letter or pick up the phone?

Village idiots can’t use a phone?

This whole problem never should have happened. Why didn’t the anonymous MSP employee do a better investigation instead of accusing me of being a liar? MSP had a small window of opportunity to contact the deadbeat. He’d paid Canada Post to forward his mail for four months, and I’d provided MSP his cell phone number that was active for a month before he left Canada.

All it would have taken was one village idiot to pick up the phone and call him while his BC phone number was still active to confirm he was leaving Canada. That would have solved two issues: confirming single status and MSP wouldn’t have sent me the deadbeat’s mail a few years later.

My Financial Advisor at Coast Capital can’t Manage my Money better than Me

But when you’re a lazy ass government paper pusher, that seemingly simple step is off the table.

The attack of the BC MSP Village Idiots

Instead, the BC MSP village idiots decided to put it on the back burner for a couple of years and then make my life hell. These lying government employee thugs think it’s perfectly acceptable to toss out false allegations in an attempt to extort money from people who are suffering financially?

Unacceptable! BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots!

BC Medical Services Plan hires the Village Idiots

Have you had any problems dealing with the Village Idiots at BC Medical Services Plan or any other stupid government bureaucrat? Leave a comment and tell us what they put you through.

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