Ass Wipe Envision Financial


Let’s have a good laugh at a company named after toilet paper – ass wipe Envision Financial.

Hello, dear readers. Today is a rant about another financial institution I’ve dealt with. This post was inspired by a roll of toilet paper in my hotel room. Imagine if I’d stayed at a different hotel. This post might never have been written or would have a very different title!

Get pissed off at your financial institution!

Have you ever wondered what to do when your financial institution pisses you off?

The answer is easy – you let your feet do the walking. To another bank or credit union!

And yet, many people remain stuck. They’re reluctant to leave, but they hate to stay. Why is that? Because the path of least resistance is the easiest. It’s easier to stay with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Do nothing. This is the financial institution you’ve had forever. It probably was the financial institution your parents had. It’s habit to stay.

I’m here to tell you – you don’t need to stay! There are better options for you out there.

Customer loyalty is a thing of the past. In this day and age people go where they get the best deal and the least amount of hassle.

There could be a ton of banks or credit unions I could pick on. In fact, I already have picked on some, and here are the links to read about my issues.

Let me even point out the blatantly obvious. I can’t even take my own advice about letting my feet do the walking, because on some level, I’m still connected to financial institutions that I don’t even like.

Let’s start with the bank that scared the hell out of me. I was a victim of a rogue employee at TD Canada Trust. This is the most popular post on The Lifestyle Digs.

I can manage my money better than my financial advisor at Coast Capital can. That goes for every financial institution out there, ladies! No financial advisor is as interested in making your money work hard for you more than YOU!

Is taking an RSP loan from Tangerine a good idea? In my opinion it’s usually a bad idea, and that goes for taking an RSP loan from any financial institution out there. I’m only picking on Tangerine because they send me more requests than any other bank about taking an RSP loan.

If you’re wondering whether you have a financial advisor or a llama hawker – it’s time to move on. The ties were cut for good on this one. I don’t like llamas. I don’t want a llama. I don’t care that you’re giving it away for free. Unload it on someone else!

Envision Financial SUCKS!

Today I’m going to talk about a really lousy credit union called Envision Financial and they REALLY SUCK! Same as with TD Canada Trust I hang on to a barely used credit card with them, but they’ll never see any more business from me.

A little disclosure here. Many years ago I worked for Delta Credit Union, a local credit union near Vancouver, BC that merged with First Heritage Credit Union that had branches further out from Vancouver, in what is known as the Fraser Valley. When they merged, the name changed to Envision. Like what kind of name is that? That makes as much sense as naming your toilet paper company Envision!

Around the time Delta and First Heritage Credit Unions merged, another local credit union called Surrey Metro Savings merged with Richmond Savings and Pacific Coast Savings. Whoever they hired as image consultants came up with the name Coast Capital. That’s a really good, strong name. I’d say it was well worth the money spent to come up with a good brand name like that. Delta and First Heritage got totally ripped off when they hired someone who came up with “Envision”.

Envision SUCKS! In many ways! Why couldn’t Delta and First Heritage hire the same people who came up with the really good “Coast Capital” name?

Here’s the proof that Envision is ass wipe

On my recent travels in one of my hotel rooms, I came across toilet paper called Envision.

Ass Wipe Envision Financial

This about sums it up. Envision is ass wipe! LOL! Obviously I loved that image enough to snap a photo.

Do you suppose the brand consultants who came up with the name Envision Financial stayed at the same hotel and were inspired went they went to the bathroom! Ha ha!

In case anyone is wondering, this is is the first time I’ve ever taken a photo of a roll of toilet paper. When I spotted it on the toilet I laughed and laughed. It sums up how I feel about Envision Financial perfectly!

Envision Financial IS ass wipe

Around the time I ended my employment with ass wipe Envision, my debit card was compromised. Someone in Ontario managed to get $20 out of my bank account. I suspect my debit card was compromised at a phony point of sale machine that was used at a produce store I liked called Country Bob’s. It’s no longer in business. I’m not sure if that has to do with the skimming operation that was traced back there or not.

And showing that Envision works at the speed of lightning to replenish the bank accounts of their clients who are victims of fraud, it took over 3 weeks for the $20 to be put back into my account. Envision is just one of many Canadian financial institutions that makes sure we know our accounts are insured by the CDIC up to $100,000. Our money is protected. Why does it take so long to put a measly $20 back into a fraud victim’s account? There’s no sense of urgency with Envision.

Anyway, Envision cancels the compromised debit card, issues me a new one, and tells me there’s a 3 day hold on it. Like what the hell? Are you effing kidding me? You’re putting a hold on the account of someone who operates their account responsibly? And you’re putting a hold on an employee’s account?

“Oh yes”, chirps the teller at ass wipe Envision. “We’re automatically putting 3 day holds on all new debit cards that are issued, it has nothing to do with how you operate your account.”

Well to hell with Envision

I also have an account with their competitor, the above mentioned Coast Capital. I had an account with Surrey Metro Savings when it was previously known as Surrey Credit Union. And I have no holds on my account!

Ass Wipe Envision Financial

Guess where I shifted the bulk of my financial dealings? Remember what I said about customer loyalty being a thing of the past and going with the financial institution that gives you the least amount of hassles? That would pretty much mean the financial institution that’s not putting a hold on my deposits is getting my banking business!

The deadbeat and I were swamped with clients which is one of the reasons why I planned to quit working at Envision – to focus on our own business. There were other reasons too, which had to do with working conditions, but I won’t bore you dear readers with the mundane stuff. Even though I was no longer working there, our business account was with Envision, we still kept a joint personal account there, we both had Envision Mastercards, and my safety deposit box was there.

More proof Envision Financial REALLY is ass wipe

It’s funny how the little details escape me, but this happened many years ago and I don’t remember exactly what happened. There was an issue with our business account. Even though I don’t remember the issue, I remember our dispute had to do with less than $20.

Let this be a lesson to you. A company that really values your business will want to excel at customer service and do everything possible for customer retention. Most companies would not want to lose a client over an issue of less than $20.

Ass wipe Envision is NOT that kind of company.

Ass Wipe Envision Financial

You know, even though I said I wouldn’t bore you with the mundane stuff, I’m going to put it out there. Management at Envision sucks. Let me go even further. Management at Envision is ass wipe. I’ve never worked at a company that created such unhappiness and poor employee moral as at Envision. That all traces back to the type of management at Envision.

Though, I will be very fair here and say it was never that kind of bad when it was still Delta Credit Union. It only went downhill after the merge and name change.

Ass wipe Envision draws a line at 20 bucks

OK back to the less than $20 dispute that we’re trying to reason with ass wipe Envision about. This was a minor screw up by an employee at Envision. It should have never escalated the way it did. A financial institution that values their customers, and especially when the company made an unintentional (or maybe it really was intentional) goof, would apologize and do whatever it is they have to do to make things right and keep the client.

However, customer retention is NOT a priority at Envision.

We’re talking less than $20 here. I asked for the issue to be escalated and requested a supervisor to review while we waited. And, a supervisor did come over. Prior to this situation I had a very good working relationship with this supervisor, too. There were no issues between us.

The staff wouldn’t budge. They just shrugged and said sucks to be you.

Ass Wipe Envision Financial

How about … it sucks to be ass wipe Envision.

I immediately shut down and closed out the business account, the personal account, and emptied my safety deposit box. All that business was immediately shifted to Coast Capital.

Got a better deal on my personal account at Coast Capital anyway. Free. Compared to Envision’s $9.99 monthly fee. Remember what I said about customers going where they get the best deal?

All things being equal – who would pay a monthly fee for a bank account at ass wipe Envision when they can get the exact same service for free with their competitor?

Are you paying a service fee with your financial institution?

Look around. You can probably find an online bank or a credit union who will offer you unlimited transactions for no monthly fee and no minimum balance.

Envision finally figured out their clients were jumping ship and now offer a comparable account without monthly fees. It took them a few years to jump on that bandwagon! LOL!

Best advice from Envision employee

The best advice I received from an Envision employee I was able to use many years later and I’d like to share it with you now. This advice you can use for any financial institution out there.

Here goes.

If you are joint on a safety deposit box and the other person dies, do not tell the financial institution right away. First, go into the branch and remove all the contents of the safety deposit box. Sometime later – not on the same bank visit – inform them the client has passed away.

Most financial institutions make executors and family members jump through hoops and tear through red tape when someone passes away. When Envision has been advised of the deceased and a safety deposit box is involved, a staff member must sit with the person opening the box and they log all the contents. According to the employee, Envision puts the grieving relatives through hell with all the crap they demand. That’s only part of it. Trying to convince an uncooperative employee to “find the time” to assist is another story. Don’t expect compassion from Envision.

Ass Wipe Envision Financial

Envision makes you jump through hoops when a deceased person is on a safety deposit box. People are already going through enough grief over their loved one’s passing without putting up with more grief from ass wipe Envision employees.

That is your takeaway, dear readers. Never, ever inform your financial institution that someone has passed away before you have had a chance to empty out the contents of the safety deposit box.

So – a big thank you to the Envision employee who gave me that wonderful gem many years ago.

I had my last screw you moment to Envision Financial shortly after the death of a relative when I asked for access to the safety deposit box I was joint on, put everything into my purse, and walked out the door.

Can you imagine how outraged the staff at ass wipe Envision Financial would have been when they received notice of the deceased and realized the safety box had been accessed?

I’ve never stepped back inside an Envision branch.

For more Envision reading

Here’s another article I wrote about ass wipe Envision: Life with Credit Cards. Just like TD Canada Trust, I no longer have bank accounts with them, but I still have that Mastercard I mentioned above. I don’t really use it because I got pissed off at Envision’s fees. I let my boots do the walking to a credit card with a better deal. Read all about it!

Coming up….

And how about a cliffhanger… would you want to do business with a financial institution that sits around scratching their heads wondering why a million bucks has gone missing? How long does it take to realize there’s an embezzler on staff? This just goes hand in hand with the general unhappiness and poor attitude in this workplace and staff who gloss over their job duties. The embezzler was fired when good old ass wipe Envision finally caught on, but why weren’t the auditor and the brass in the finance department fired too?

Just one of the perks of working for a company that just doesn’t really care.

Click this link Embezzlers Love Working at Canadian Banks or the banner below to read more about Envision’s embezzler.

Embezzlers Love Working at Canadian Banks

Ass Wipe Envision Financial

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    1. Thanks Kathy. It’s the shear arrogance of financial institutions like Envision and CIBC that think everyone in the world is busting down their doors to bank there, but the reality is there are many banking options out there besides the Big 5 banks in Canada and the larger better known credit unions. We have to take control of our finances and put our money in banks and credit unions that want us there. Financial institutions make the bulk of their money from their big business accounts. Little guys like us are of little importance to these places.

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