Hello fellow horse lovers and thanks for stopping by to read how a fanny pack is a must-have accessory for summer horseback riding.

In the winter months we go horseback riding wearing jackets with lots of pockets where we can put our keys, wallet, and cell phone.

But once the warmer weather hits and we’re down to short sleeve shirts and jeans, where do we carry our stuff?

Leg holster

I came across a website called Handy Holsters. It has a holster/purse with straps that go around the thigh to carry a cell phone, wallet, keys, etc while horseback riding. It also can be worn around the waist or as a cross body purse.

Photo courtesy https://handyholsters.com/products/the-horse-holster

I liked the versatility and the functionality.

It was pricey, though, around $50.

Prices for shipping to Canada are not posted on the website. Clearly they ship to Canada because there is a pop up for Canadians visiting the website that GST (5% Canadian goods and services tax) will be charged.

Waterproof swimming pouch

As I was considering whether to buy the handy holster, I remembered I had a waterproof pouch to carry my phone, wallet, and keys when I’m swimming. It was something I already owned and I gave it a try.

Worked out OK. The lanyard is a bit cumbersome around my neck with the horse movement. It has straps that I can wrap around my arm or thigh, and I gave them all a try.

Immediate problem solved without incurring any further expense to myself.

I bought the pouch several years ago for around $15, specifically for being waterproof. There are all kinds of double seals and snaps to keep the water out. For horseback riding on a hot, sunny day, being waterproof is not a concern. No need to fasten up all the waterproof seals.

If you’re also a swimmer, and looking for a waterproof pouch, there are plenty on Amazon for much cheaper than a horse holster.

Disclosure: I’m an Amazon associate. If you click and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission for the referral.

A cheaper holster

If you still like the idea of the horse holster but aren’t too keen on the price, there is a cheaper alternative available on Amazon.

As far as I can tell the Woofhoof holster has a strap that fits around your boot or below your knee. Reviewers seem to like it, but wish the strap was longer so it fits around the thigh.

Fanny pack to the rescue

I’ve never been a fanny pack person. Nope, not me.

The closest I’ve been to a fanny pack was a money belt I used to wear while traveling in Europe. The thin kind where I’d carry my passport and cash, stuff it inside my pants and zip up. Which then required a trip to the washroom if I needed anything to retrieve something that was inside the money belt!

I began looking for a dual purpose fanny pack to use when horseback riding and for traveling when I become a full time nomad.

My requirements: slim profile, durable, water proof or at least water resistant, and inexpensive.

Obviously I don’t need one of those big fanny packs where I can pack a lunch and a water bottle!

I decided on the Waterfly slim fanny pack with several color options. Of course, I got my happy color – purple!

The Waterfly slim fanny pack has a large adjustable strap. It can also be worn as a cross body bag, but so far I haven’t done that. I’ve worn this fanny pack several times while horseback riding and never worry about my cell phone, wallet, or keys.

Saddle bags

What about putting your stuff into saddle bags?

Cajun is Sweet 16!

Some saddle bags attach to the back of the saddle. Others are designed for Western saddles and can fit over the horn.

A rider should carry their cell phone on their body, not in a saddle bag. If the rider and horse become separated, the horse is running around with the cell phone in the saddle bag. That means the rider can’t phone for help. And don’t count on the horse phoning for help!

The saddle bag in the above photo has water bottle holders on one side and a zippered compartment on the other side. It seemed like a good idea when I bought it, but I rarely carried a water bottle with me while riding. In the pouch I’d carry a hoofpick and fly wipes. Sometimes a snack or a camera.

Video review

Watch me in action! Well, if you consider sitting on the living room floor as action packed!

My review of the Waterfly fanny pack is also on YouTube.

Published by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on May 7, 2023.

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