8 Easy Ways to Smile and Make a Difference

Feeling down in the dumps? There’s a little trick you can do to put a smile on your face and make you feel better. It’s called random act of kindness. Do something for someone else. Anything! The other person will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you’ll feel better for lending a hand.

We can make a difference with small, simple actions and make the world a better, more positive place. Here are 8 easy ways to smile and make a difference:

1. Recycle

Even if you don’t have curbside pick up service for your papers, bottles, and cans, it’s possible your community has a recyle depot where you can drop these items off for free. Often it’s the same place where you take your pop bottles back for a refund. You can return electronic items, batteries, paint, lightbulbs and more.

2. Donate your change

You’ve probably seen them at gas stations, donut shops, and other places. A donation box collecting for a charity. Sometimes with a chocolate bar to sell. If it’s a charity you can get behind, throw your spare change into the box.

3. Give blood

Unfortunately this is something I can’t do, but I’m forever grateful to those who can give blood. I’m anemic and have been the recipient of a blood transfusion. I want to thank the person who helped get my red blood cell back to an acceptable level and thank all blood donors out there for the gift of life. The Red Cross is a good starting point to find a blood bank.

4. Give points

Do you have air miles or other credit card points that are about to expire or you don’t think you’ll ever get around to using? Do a Google search for “donate points for charity”.

5. Support local businesses

When I was a kid growing up in Cloverdale, BC there were no big box stores. There were a few department stores, but not nearby – Woodward’s was about a 20 minute drive from our house. Our main street had a couple of shoe stores, a few clothing shops, a bakery, a dry cleaners, a travel agent, a couple of cafes, a 5 and dime, and a movie theater. These days I mostly shop locally for produce and a place that sells honey. Yes, it does make me feel good to shop locally and it’s close by and convenient. Right now, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, many local businesses can use your support.

6. Volunteer

It always feels good to give back to the community. You can reach out to schools, churches, hospitals, and other organizations to let them know you’re available to help out. I help out a local dog rescue with transportation, fostering, and transporting. You might want to help out at a soup kitchen or retirement facility. Give it some thought and sign up with a group that interests you.

7. Be a good consumer

When you buy cans of tuna, check the label to make sure it’s dolphin friendly. If you buy a can of coffee, make sure it’s fair trade. When you buy clothes, check the label to see where it’s made, and if it comes from a country known for sweatshops and child labour, give that garment a pass.

8. Lend a helping hand

Do you someone pulled over to the side of the road with their hazard lights flashing? Pull over and see if they need help or need a cell phone to make a call? Is it someone struggling with a flat tire and you know how to change a tire? Pull over and help out. If you see a person who’s struggling with several bags of groceries, offer to carry some of them home. Is someone standing on the sidewalk holding a map? Ask if they need directions. Don’t stand by and watch if you can help.

Those are a few suggestions to get you started. Do you have any other suggestions on easy ways to make a difference?

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  1. Great list! I’m glad you mentioned donating blood. Summer is a time when hospitals need extra donors because so many of their regular donors are on vacation, or they’re busy with summer activities.

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