7 Wonderful Things to do on a Stat Holiday

Every year on the Victoria Day long weekend, the third weekend in May, my town is taken over by the Cloverdale Rodeo. We endure four days of earsplitting music, screaming thrillseekers on the midway rides, blaring public address systems, and cowboys and their admirers from all over North America clogging our small town.

If you’re not planning to attend the rodeo, it’s a great time to get out of town!

Loud noise from a rodeo and isn’t always the norm for statutory holidays, so how about checking out my suggestions for 7 wonderful things to do on a stat holiday.

  1. Watch two movies one after the other.

7 Wonderful Things to do on a Stat Holiday

How you choose to watch two movies is up to you. You can spend a few dollars and go to a movie house, but the challenge will be finding one that plays one movie after another. Look for small, independent movie theaters. We watched movies in our hometown at the Clova, and the price was $8, stay for one or both movies. Unfortunately, the Clova was purchased by a church who decided to longer lease it for the Clova and movies. If you don’t have a double feature movie house nearby, and if you have Netflix, choose two movies. Or pull out a couple of DVDs you already own and haven’t watched in awhile. It’s a relaxing, almost guilty pleasure to watch two movies back to back.


  1. Host an afternoon tea party.

7 wonderful things to do on a stat holiday

Set up a couple of tables in the back yard if it’s a sunny day. In my part of the world we can count on rain more than sun, so you might have to set up an indoors tea party if it’s raining. You can try my recipe for sweet tea, or make a batch of iced tea trying out different fruit blends, or serve it hot, giving your guests several choices of different flavored tea bags. Make sandwiches, cutting off the crusts, and cutting into triangles, and serve finger food desserts. If you’ve ever been to England and enjoyed a cream tea, you can buy scones and clotted cream at the grocery store. You’ll find it in the dairy case near the whipping cream. It comes in a bottle. If there’s no clotted cream, you can substitute whipped cream. Don’t forget fresh, sliced strawberries or jam. The trick is to put the berries on a scone, then add a dollop of cream. Enjoy!


  1. Walk on a beach.

7 Wonderful Things to do on a Stat Holiday

Depending on where you live, this might involve some travel. Not everyone is within an hour’s drive of the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans, but just about everyone is within driving distance of a lake or river. Many lakes and rivers have somewhat of a beach or a walking trail. There’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than a walk with a water view.


  1. Try a new ethnic restaurant.

7 wonderful things to do on a stat holiday

What about that Thai restaurant you drive past every day or the new sushi joint that opened up last month? You never know when you’re going to find a new favorite restaurant!


  1. Visit a national park.

7 wonderful things to do on a stat holiday

This year, 2017, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday and as part of the celebration is giving out free passes to the national parks. Click here to apply for your free Discovery Pass. There are many national parks to discover in Canada and America, so head out on your next stat holiday.


  1. Go for a bike ride.

6 Easy Ways to Get Outside - ride a bike

There’s nothing better than an exhilarating bike ride to make you feel happy that you got outside, enjoyed fresh air, and got some exercise. If it’s not safe in your area to ride a bike due to traffic concerns, put it in the back of your car and head out a bike trail. Google your city and bike path and you’ll be surprised at how many pedal power routes come up.


  1. Check out a new part of town.

7 wonderful things to do on a stat holiday

Or the next town over! You’ll be surprised at how many farmer’s markets or street fairs are happening on stat holidays. Even if there are no celebrations going on, walking a new route and window shopping is a great way to spend the day. Discover hidden murals painted on the the walls of local businesses. Find a new ice cream shop. The possibilities are endless!

What do you like to do when a holiday weekend beckons?


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