There are some things that only another horsewoman can understand, and today I bring you 39 things you’ll never hear a horsewoman say!

Only another horsewoman understands how we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty!

Things You'll Never Hear a Horsewoman Say


  1. Just about everything else is more important to me than my horse.
  2. Riding a horse is about the easiest thing I’ve ever done.
  3. Will my boots get dirty?
  4. Why is horse boarding so cheap?
  5. I’d love to come over at 6am tomorrow and help clean your barn.
  6. A pony is a baby horse.
  7. I’m not interested in watching a horse show.
  8. Horseback riding isn’t real exercise.
  9. A picnic at the barn sounds stupid.
  10. I don’t need any more clothes with horses on them.
  11. I love sharing my horse equipment with other people.
  12. Keeping a horse is so easy.
  13. I’ve got lots of money in my bank account.
  14. No, I don’t need help stacking hay.
  15. One horse is enough for me.
  16. Sure, you can borrow my horse trailer to take your garbage to the dump.
  17. All horses look the same.
  18. Oh, I’m just going through a horse-crazy phase. I’ll grow out of it.
  19. Did you see the latest Vogue magazine?
  20. Horses stink!
  21. I live a life of leisure.
  22. The horse does all the work. I just sit there and look pretty.
  23. I’ve got better things to do than ride my horse.
  24. Just think of my horse as your horse.
  25. Have you tried that new, expensive French restaurant?
  26. It’s no big deal if other people take my hay and grain and don’t pay me back.
  27. That stallion is as gentle as a kitten.
  28. My farrier always shows up early!
  29. I’m getting a manicure before going to the barn.
  30. Sure, you can borrow my favorite saddle.
  31. My vet doesn’t charge me enough money.
  32. I just don’t have any more room for horse supplies.
  33. Read this book. Everything that happens in the horse world is so realistic!
  34. Let’s go to the gym. I don’t get enough exercise.
  35. Help yourself to my emergency veterinary supplies. No need to ask or replace them.
  36. Sure, I’d love to let your grandchildren come ride my horse whenever they want.
  37. I’d rather watch a hockey game than ride my horse.
  38. I know how to ride Eastern and Western.
  39. The tack shop is having a big sale today? No thanks, I’ll pass.
Cajun is Sweet 16!


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Posted by Cheryl @ The Lifestyle Digs on April 2 , 2021.

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