26 Uses for Baling TwineFrom quick repairs around the barn to holding up a pair of jeans, baling twine is the country woman’s duct tape.

We don’t toss away that twine after it’s been cut off the bale of hay. We set a few strands aside because we never know when some string will come in handy, even if it’s just a temporary fix until a proper repair can be done.

26 Uses for Baling Twine

For you city folk out there – baling twine is the string that holds together a bale of hay. Most bales have two twines holding the hay in place.

Here are 26 uses for baling twine:

  1. White baling twine can be stretched tight and used in conjunction with electric fence wire (regular wire not the wider tape strands).
  2. A patient, creative person can make a mesh fence out of baling twine.
  3. Baling twine is useful for tying down tarps.
  4. Use twine to tie the dog’s water bucket to the fence so it can’t be dumped over.
  5. If you’re good at macramé, you can create a plant holder from baling twine.
  6. Use twine to hold a horse trailer door open.
  7. Twine can become a makeshift dog leash to take Rover back to the house.
  8. Baling twine can be used to fix holes in net type hay bags.
  9. Twine can be used to tie buckets up to fences for feeding horses outside.
  10. Purse strap broken? Tie twine around the buckles to make a new strap.
  11. Know the approximate length of the twine? Four feet? Use it for measuring.
  12. Knot several pieces of twine together to make a clothesline.26 Uses for Baling Twine
  13. A loose fence board can be strapped back into place by wrapping baling twine around the board and lashing it to the post.
  14. Forgot rubber bands? Turn the twine into pony tail holders.
  15. Use baling twine as a gate latch.
  16. Twine can become a temporary horse lead.
  17. Turn baling twine into a permanent horse lead. Braid three strands together, then take three bunches of braided twine and braid them together. Finish by braiding in a snap.
  18. Use baling twine to hold up fans in the barn or chicken coop in the summer.
  19. Use baling twine to tie up jolly balls in the horse stalls.
  20. Baling twine works as a horse sweat scraper.
  21. Use cowboy type wrapping paper to wrap a country western gift and finish by using baling twine to make a bow.
  22. Loose muffler? Tie it up with baling twine.
  23. Pants falling down? Baling twine can become an impromptu belt.
  24. Tie down loads on car roofs or in pick up trucks. You may need to tie a few pieces of twine together to make a longer rope for larger loads.Mysterious Disappearance of the Bird Suet Cage
  25. Tie your bird suet cage to a post so animals don’t steal it!
  26. Be silly and tie all baling twines together and create a huge ball of string.

How would you use baling twine?

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